Saturday, May 29, 2021

Students in Portland, Oregon openly support Hamas barbarism

If you need more proof the past years have seen a shocking increase in desensitization to violence as much as antisemitism, a filmmaker exposed just how much college students in Portland meet that level:
In a viral clip published this week, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz approached students in Portland, Oregon, and managed to garner funds to support the Hamas terror organization despite openly presenting the group as determined to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

Horowitz spoke to some of the students, and many expressed their support for Hamas and terror operations against the Jewish state.
Read more at the link. This really paints a very ugly picture of a city that's been collapsing with riots by Antifa and BLM. The news even reminds me of a Portland resident I'd once corresponded with over 20 years ago, whom I recently discovered had a criminal record and served a jail sentence for a serious offense. I can't say I'm surprised there's 6 or 7 counties in Oregon that want to break away and merge with Idaho instead. The way the state's being run by leftists today is truly awful.

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