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Dr. Jessica Rose Explains The Flawed Modeling Used To Justify Lockdowns Worldwide And Reveals The Severe Underreporting of VAERS Data

Dr. Jessica Rose testifies for the National Citizen's Inquiry in Canada.

Dr. Jessica Rose's testimony is a bombshell! She exposes the flawed modelling used to justify COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide and reveals the severe underreporting of VAERS data. Her insights on the possible consequences of mRNA injections and their interaction with proteins in the body are alarming. Dr. Rose emphasizes the need for further research on the concerning findings emerging as a result of vaccination. Her testimony highlights the urgency of reevaluating current COVID-19 policies and ensuring public safety.

The other day, I was speaking with MR about COVID, and the possibility that the whole of the COVID event is a giant "Psyop", created by the Intelligence Community. 

The apparent release of the COVID virus - whether it was accidental or on purpose - is one issue.

The massive negative effects of the COVID vaccine are a second issue.

And the initiation of the lockdowns is third issue. 

The suppression of other treatments is a fourth issue

The seeming manipulation of the statistics on COVID deaths, and hospitalizations, is a fifth issue.

Now, for me personally, the initiation of the lockdowns, and the suppression of other treatments - initially the mockery and disappearance of Hydroxychloroquine as a medication Doctors could and would prescribe as multi-use anti-viral - transformed me into a "conspiracy theorist". 

In other words, I very quickly came to doubt the COVID narrative. 

I doubted the COVID narrative, to such an extreme, that I was willing to bet my life on it.

For instance, 

1) I never stopped going to the office, though I could have worked from home.  

2) I never stopped walking into restaurants and ordering food, and waiting for it to be handed to me.

3) I never stopped meeting with groups of people (whether they were prayer meetings or just informal meeting at work).

4) I never stopped shaking hands, or hugging people.

5) I never wore a mask unless I was asked to do so.

Throughout the period of the lockdown,

I did not get COVID
No one I met with died. 
None of the people I met with got more than mildly ill with COVID

It would have been downright mystifying, had I simply not believed any of the nonsense in the first place.

About a month or so after the vaccines were made available, one of the people with whom I met periodically did die.

He was a Emergency Room Nurse, in his early 40's - who took the vaccine. 

He had been in prime physical shape. He looked to be the picture of health, the man every other man wanted to look like.


No, he did not die of COVID. His heart just stopped.

So, yeah,  I sat out the the lockdowns, and so did a lot of the people I knew.

(((Now, there was one negative physical effect of the lockdowns themselves. And that has been on my memory. I seem to have forgotten the names and faces of every single person I met with during that time. 

Call it a kind of temporary amnesia, or blackout. 

Now that is truly mystifying. I mean, it couldn't have been caused by COVID, since I didn't have COVID. 

And it couldn't have been caused by the vaccine, because I didn't have the vaccine.

So, it had to have been the lockdowns that caused it.

I mean, I know that time seemed to dilate, and get lost during the lockdown. It seemed to go by more quickly, and less quickly at the same time.  

I always figured it was because of the relative lack of interaction with other human beings.

It's like driving through the desert by yourself. The landscape all looks the same, and you kind of just drift off and time passes, and then you come back, and you think, what happened? I just drove 40 miles, and I don't remember any of it.

And I guess that, after the lockdowns, so much time having passed in that relative isolation, I just lost all sense of time, and I even forgot all the people that I did see during that time period.

I with I could remember who they were. I do remember they were nice ... and sane.

How sad, huh?)))

Anyway, back to the subject: The COVID event being a Psyop, planned and carried out by the Intelligence Community.

I propose that the COVID Psyop is for the purposes of experimenting on THE HERDING OF PEOPLE. 

Yes, the herding of people. Just like how people herd cattle. This Psyop is meant to herd people.

Admittedly, there is not a lot of evidence to support this idea. But the evidence there is is primarily the following:

1) mRNA vaccine technology had been created as a kind of shell, which could house various types of mRNA technology, and was waiting to be tested on humans. 

2) Event 201 which took place in November of 2019. This was a Pandemic simulation, and medical strategy session, centered on an unnamed Coronavirus. You can see portions of it here, here, here, and here. Just to be clear, this took place before we knew about COVID. Coincidence? I guess so.

3) When the lockdowns happened, the Department of Defense/NSC ran the lockdowns and COVID response in general. The following video is worthwhile, the whole way through, but watch at the 8 minute mark, for the beginning of the discussion on how the DOD/NSC is involved. 

Here is an Org Chart:

From Wikipedia:
The National Security Council was created in 1947 by the National Security Act. It was created because policymakers felt that the diplomacy of the State Department was no longer adequate to contain the Soviet Union, in light of the tension between the Soviet Union and the United States.[1] The intent was to ensure coordination and concurrence among the ArmyMarine CorpsNavyAir Force and other instruments of national security policy such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), also created in the National Security Act. In 2004, the position of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was created, taking over the responsibilities previously held by the head of CIA, the Director of Central Intelligence, as a cabinet-level position to oversee and coordinate activities of the Intelligence Community[2]
And here is the video on the subject:

4) The lockdowns made no sense as a response to a pandemic. What initially began with a seedling of reason ("two weeks to flatten the curve", or in other words, to make sure the healthcare system didn't get overwhelmed) quickly revealed itself to be an endless, 24-hour a day fear-inducing Psyop Experiment to see what the government could get people to do. Wear a mask to choke off your breathing? Be afraid of your own family members? Feel guilt and fear that you will kill your grandma, so you don't visit her, EVEN AS SHE'S DYING? Tell on your neighbors when they don't cooperate? Allow the government to track all your movements? Have contact tracers call you and tell you about your behavior, and ask you questions about your personal behavior? 


Apparently, humans will do just about anything if they are afraid, and/or deputized to do so by Papa Government.

5) The elimination of other pharmaceutical and medical interventions to treat COVID meant that a) the COVID crisis could be prolonged, and b) the experimental gene therapy "vaccines" were the only solution. THE ONLY SOLUTION! THERE WAS NO OTHER SOLUTION, GOD DAMN IT! Once again, will people accept medical information that makes no sense, as a pretext to take experimental therapies? They sure will. Will people take experimental therapies even if those therapies kill people? Yes. Will people encourage their loved ones to take these therapies, even when the don't want to? Yes. Will a population in general  put up with governmental extortion - through threat of losing their livelihood - in order to get them to take an experimental gene therapy vaccines?  Yes, yes, yes, they will, will, will.  

As I said, there really isn't much evidence of my side of this argument.

So, really, what we're left with is: We can view all of the above as a reasonable response to the COVID illness (pandemic), or we can look at all it's parts, and wonder to ourselves, WERE THEY JUST FUCKING WITH US TO SEE WHAT WE WOULD DO?

And, if so, did we pass the test?

Yeah, we sure did. 

We are a herd, and we will be herded.

And why would they want to herd us? 

Fifteen minute cities? 

Mass migration (replacement of legacy populations who might still believe in the old-fashioned notion of Human Rights)?


What the fuck do I know? I'm an idiot, as is evidenced by my personal response to the COVID pandemic and lockdowns.

I am an untrustworthy narrator, for sure.

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