Monday, April 17, 2023

Man disguised in burka tried to rob female chess players of victory in Kenya

Here's a disgusting story of a man who wore an Islamic burka disguise in Kenya to try and rob female chess players of their rightful rewards at a women's chess match:
A man who disguised himself as a woman by wearing a burka made it past the fourth round of the Kenya Chess Championship in Nairobi before arousing suspicion.

The chess player, 25-year-old Stanley Omondi, who kept his identify a secret by not speaking to anyone at the tournament, registered under the alias Millicent Awuor.

But he was discovered after he won matches against former Kenyan national champion Gloria Jumba and top Ugandan player Ampaira Shakira.

At that point, players and the arbiters began to get suspicious. When Omondi made it past the fourth round, he was taken into a private room and staff demanded to see identification. It was then that he admitted he was a male university student desperate for money.

Once he was found out, Omondi was kicked out of the championship. His points were given to his female opponents.

The Kenya Open Chess Championship features 450 players from 22 chess federations. It has a top prize of $42,000.
Whether or not the offending interloper was a Muslim isn't clear, but this still demonstrates what's wrong with these religious outfits that conceal identity, and practically deny the wearer one when a woman is forced to wear it against her will. Thank goodness the man deception was exposed and he was disqualified, though some might wonder if the tournament should continue longer, so the rightful competitors can be sure to compete without cheaters infiltrating and turning these tournaments into a joke. This is exactly why identities can't be concealed in many of these situations.

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