Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Whistleblower Exposes NYC Schools for promoting Communism, Gender Ideology and BLM

Every day millions of Americans send their children off to school, placing their trust in teachers to help their children learn, grow and become educated members of society. For more than six hours each day, children are confined to a classroom, often spending more time interacting with their teachers than with their own parents. 

For many working parents, this arrangement is necessary for their children to receive a comprehensive education. But what happens when the welcome bell rings and the school doors close? Do parents really know what’s going on in the classroom?  

“They have no idea,” one teacher told us. 

In an exclusive interview with Libs of TikTok, a Brooklyn school teacher decided to expose what really goes on behind closed doors. “Parents are too busy to know what's going on,” she explained. The teacher, who asked to remain anonymous, said she felt compelled to reach out to us after what she experienced teaching at Sunset Park High School and Charles O. Dewey Middle School 

Sunset Park High School previously received backlash for displaying an image of a cop aiming a gun at a black girl in the school lobby. Although it was reported that the image was moved, the teacher confirmed that she had seen it displayed even after the incident.  

For a school that boldly displays such propaganda in its lobby, it comes as no surprise that their teachers shamelessly indoctrinate students in the classrooms. 

In one history class, the teacher said she was forced to proctor a test about the Black Lives Matter movement. The test included questions about George Floyd, asked students to identify the principles of Black Lives Matter, and had them weigh in on whether the violent riots were justified. 

When we asked the teacher if she ever attempted to speak out against the curriculum, she admitted she was too afraid to do so, but continued to secretly document her findings. 

In one instance, she came across a book on a teacher’s desk titled Communism for Kids. The book  promotes the principles of communism in the form of a children’s story, complete with illustrations of princesses, fancy swords and a talking chair. In its introduction, the book reads like a second-rate version of the The Communist Manifesto: 

“Communism names the society that gets rid of all the evils people suffer today in our society under capitalism,” it explains. “To really understand communism and figure out which idea of it is the best, we have to first understand capitalism and how it makes people suffer.”



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