Monday, April 17, 2023

The World's Perversion Excursion To Hell

UN Wants to Decriminalize Sex Between Minors and Adults


Former Planned Parenthood Director Commits Suicide as Child Porn Investigation Intensifies

SNL Goes All In on Supporting Mutilating Children, Has ‘Non-Binary’ Cast Member Go on Rant About ‘Protecting’ Trans Kids (VIDEO)

Man Takes Dog to Vet for ‘Gender Transition’ in Viral Video, Highlights Insanity of Child Sex Reassignment


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revereridesagain said...

If you force women to have children, you must take some responsibility for what happens to them once they are born, actual human beings with rights. (Oh sorry, they had rights, it's the woman who spent 9 months as a brood mare who did not.) We wouldn't let children be lured into slavery or crime, but a malevolent cult that teaches them reality is "fluid" and they can change sexes with hormones and surgery has open access to them -- and monsters are trying to establish that in law.

And people are watching fat sexual pervs on a comedy show tell them how virtuous that is. Obviously the monsters won't renounce this behavior on their own, so legal strictures are going to have to be employed.