Sunday, April 30, 2023

Genital and Hormonal Mutilation Does Not Cure Body Dysmorphia: "The Body Will Fight To Stay It's Biological Gender Forever, Because DNA Exists"


revereridesagain said...

Objective reality will not be bullied, cajoled, legislated or fantasized out of existence. Try it and you -- and/or others -- pay the price. But attempts are still made in all kinds of ways all over the world to force others to "affirm" someone's equivalent of schizophrenia.

Resist when you can! 2+2=4.

revereridesagain said...

The ad is perfect and devastating. Hope they will be able to show it extensively. Every male who does this should be sued for fraud.

The Last English Prince said...

It is the ultimate in Munchausen syndrome. It is the ultimate illness that requires multiple surgeries, and unending attention offered to the "patient". The gratification is not from the mutilation, it is from the secondary gain received from medical concern and attention. Call this all what it is - mental illness cloaked in sanity.