Thursday, April 27, 2023

The GOPe Wants to Be Nice to Groomer Corporation Disney

Nikki Haley simultaneously declares herself part of the Old Corporate Guard of the GOPe -- as if we didn't know! -- and takes a swipe at DeSantis, piggybacking on Trump's "DeSanctimonious" insult.

What's next -- posing with a bottle of Bud Light?

So yeah, there are dividing lines being formed. GOP candidates are lining up to to defend an evil, child-corrupting groomer corporation if it helps them "draw a distinction" from "DeSanctimonious."

Matt Walsh @MattWalshBlog

The entire Republican field is attacking DeSantis from the Left. I don't care if you're a Trump supporter, you have to see what a disaster it will be if this tactic is allowed to work.

You can't go half in on this issue.

Do you know ANY Democrats are willing to stand up against the Genital and Hormonal Mutilation of children? 

No, you don't.

Maybe Trump needs to be told: This is not a winning issue for you. Republicans are rewarding DeSantis for being the only Republican willing to push back against groomer Disney.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' battles with Walt Disney Co. over a state law banning public school lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity could boost his support among U.S. Republican voters as he mulls a possible White House bid, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found.


Forty-four percent of Republican respondents in the two-day poll ended Tuesday said they had a more favorable view of DeSantis because of the fight with Disney, which led him to sign a retaliatory law in February that aims to strip the company of its self-governing authority at its Orlando-area park

I think Trump supporters are ignoring this/downplaying it by claiming something like, "ah, he's just insulting DeSantis."

No, he's doing a lot more than that: He's making policy going forward. He is committing himself to this Corporations Are Our Fwenz worldview, which I thought MAGA was all about repudiating, not rehabilitating.

I supported Trump because I thought he was "The Only One Who Can Fix" the GOPe's servile, slavish attitude towards the corporate donor cartel. I sure didn't support him so he could defend that cartel.


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