Friday, April 14, 2023

NO SHIT? The FBI Lied About Its "Spy on Catholics" Document Only Being the Work of One Low-Level Employee


Back in February, a whistleblower leaked documents showing that the FBI was investigating "radical traditionalist" Catholics as likely terrorists, and planned to infiltrate spies, or recruit informers, among church-goers to become confidential sources surveilling their fellow congregants.

The FBI claimed that this memo "did not meet FBI standards" and claimed it was just the work of a single low-level employee. You've heard that old saw before. Oh, these "low-level employees" forever conducting audits, without authorization, against the conservative organizations that their boss, the high-level employee Lois Lerner, just happens to coincidentally want audited.

But she never authorized any of this. Oh no. It was these low-level employees reading her mind and deciding to risk their own jobs for a lark.

Well, that's the FBI's official story.

And so you know, automatically, that it's a lie, because all the FBI ever does is lie and perjure itself before Congress and frame innocent people with faked "forensic science" results.

The FBI has turned over documents in response to a Congressional subpoena, which Republicans deem "substandard" because they are filled with redactions. How dare they. How dare they respond to a Congressional subpoena by "turning over the documents requested," but with all incriminating information blacked out and withheld.

Despite the redactions, we know the FBI lied about only a "low level employee" being responsible for the plan to turn Catholics into The New Muslims (while the FBI refuses to acknowledge any Muslim terrorism).


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