Friday, April 14, 2023

The Mysterious Tiffany Dover

I confess I didn’t really read Brandy’s 3,500-word puff piece. I skimmed it, since it was entirely substance-free, answering none of the questions we all have, and not a good use of my time. 

The small novel somehow managed to: 

(a) not establish that the woman she supposedly interviewed, with no video or photos shown from that interview, is actually Tiffany Dover;  

(b) made no effort to explain why then 30-yo Tiffany Dover was never seen again after collapsing on camera in Dec, 2020 after going live to express her enthusiasm to be one of the first injected; and  

(c) says absolutely nothing of the experience Tiffany Dover had, after the injections. 

How likely does it seem to you that Tiffany Dover spent years as a trauma nurse, but faints when getting a needle stick or anything even slightly stressful? 

The piece (and others referencing it, I’m sure Brandy is excited about the attention she’s getting, which her 5-part podcast series last year failed to do, 

wasting the audience’s time, unable to show any sign of life from Ms. Dover–and the attention Brandy is getting now is almost exclusively scorn and derision)-- 

–does say that Tiffany would like to be a nurse again, while giving absolutely no reason for why she hasn’t been working, the last 2.5 years.  

Vaguely implying that Tiffany being the target of “conspiracy theorists” is why she disappeared. Which makes no sense, since it’s only Tiffany’s disappearance that made her a subject of public fascination. 


Fainting Nurse Tiffany Dover Goes Public To Dismiss Covid Jab ‘Conspiracies’ After Over 2 Years In Hiding

The Tennessee nurse who infamously passed out on television minutes after receiving a Covid shot is speaking out more than two years after the viral incident.

The fainting nurse, Tiffany Dover, told NBC News this week she is now “ready to speak out” against years of online rumors claiming she died after fainting on television.

Failing to address the rumors by simply going public to show she was alive and well, Dover remained silent in accordance with orders she allegedly received from CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga where she worked.

She told NBC, “The hospital told [me] not to speak out – it would be irrecoverable damage is what I was told…CHI Memorial has repeatedly denied knowledge of any directive…”

Popular attorney Viva Frei suggested on Twitter, “The hospital lied,” when it claimed it never silenced Dover and highlighted her family told NBC she even signed an NDA forcing her to remain quiet.

Explaining why she finally decided to speak out, Dover told NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny, “I was in a dark place and I did not have it in me to do this, because I didn’t know if I could trust you. I don’t know why I trust you now, but I’m choosing to.” 
The only social media post made by Dover after her fall came two months after the fainting incident when she posted pictures of herself on a snowboarding trip with friends along with a mysterious caption reading, “Meet me on the other side of paradise.” 
That might not have been the best choice of words considering people thought she was dead or was faking her death at the time.


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