Thursday, April 27, 2023

Would you be ok with an 18 year old male showering at school with your 14 year old daughter?

This is an interesting case currently being investigated in Wisconsin. The allegations are that on Friday March 3rd, 2023, during 1st hour, 4 freshmen girls were in swimsuits after gym class. They entered their locker room to shower and change before their 2nd hour class. When they entered the locker room, an 18 year old male who identifies as transgender was in the locker room. He was not in the 1st hour class with them, so it was unknown why he was in the locker room during that time. 

One of the girls told her friend in 2nd hour about the incident, and the friend encouraged her to report this to school administration. The girl did not report it, so her friend did report the incident. The school administrative staff said they would not do anything about this “unless the 4 girls came forward with concerns”. Within the week, parents of the girls knew what happened and began discussions with the school administration. 



Anonymous said...

And the 18 year old "woman" had a full erection. End of story.

Sorry. These individuals are vermin and sexual predators.

Pastorius said...