Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Al-Qaeda cells in Catalonia

According to Spanish leftist newspaper El Periodico de Cataluña, AlQaeda is recruiting lots of youths in Catalonia:

A person in charge of the Brigade of Information of the National Body of Police (CNP) -the speaker in question is Rodrigo Gavilán- talked about “a constant dripping” of resident Muslim volunteers in Spain who give themselves to yihad international. “Yearly, the number of Spanish mujahidines oscillates between the 30 and 40 people who disappear in radical surroundings or who are detected in Iraq or in route towards countries with terrorist campings“, affirmed.

The person in charge of a foreign secret service alerted that “Catalonia is the place of origin of many of them, due to the influence that radical salafi circles have in that region“.

The preeminence of Catalonia over other Spanish regions was specially clear, as in the last two years in Vilanova, Santa Coloma, Barcelona and Girona, three important networks of recruitment and shipment from young people to Iraq has been dismantled. After Catalonia, the other seed plots of radical islamists in Spain are mainly Madrid, Ceuta and Melilla.

The result? Every one wants to deny the real facts.


Anonymous said...

"According to Spanish leftist newspaper El Periodico de Cataluña"

It is not leftist. It is postmarxist, multiculturalist, gay lobbied, and biased against males, Spain, the West, the USA...

"the number of Spanish mujahidines"

They are not spaniards. They are just inmigrants and sons of inmigrants who have received the citizenship like a gift. Multiculturalism, open borders, ´antiracism´, `Ius Soli`... you know. All that stuff that is destroying Europe and all the West. They are as spanish as I could be japanese.

Anonymous said...


Yes, you're right about El Periódico de Cataluña, but I think that was just being somewhat passionate ;)

"They are not Spaniards"

Hmm, well, it is clear that an important number of them are 2nd generation immigrants (that is, their parents came to Spain) but there are others who are Spanish convert to Islam. Al Qaeda specially is very interested in blue-eyed terrorists/Jihadis because they are not so different from the rest. So they have more abilities to "disguise" themselves as normal people.