Saturday, October 11, 2008

Joerg Haider (BZÖ Austria) dies in car crash

"The governor of Carinthia and leader of the BZOe (Alliance for Austria's Future) Joerg Haider died after a car accident early Saturday in Klagenfurt," the capital of his home state, the agency said.
Haider, 58, was at the wheel of his official car in the south of Klagenfurt when it veered off the road for unknown reasons after overtaking another vehicle.
He suffered serious head and chest injuries as his car flipped over several times and died shortly after the accident.
He had been expected to attend a family celebration Saturday marking his mother's 90th birthday.
"For us this is the end of the world," BZOe deputy leader Stefan Petzner told the Press.
Haider, Austria's most notorious post-war politician, headed the Alliance for Austria's Future since late August after turning the country's right Freedom Party (FPOe) into a political force in the 1980s and 1990s and prompting EU sanctions against Austria in 2000.
Perpetually tanned, athletic and stylish, he had been transformed from a young firebrand to an experienced politician in the past decade, helping his young BZOe party, only founded in 2005, to its best result in general elections last month.
Whit him goes some of our hope in europe concerning the ideology of death islamofascism.


Unknown said...

I don't think Pastorius (or anyone) is happy because of someone has died. I really believe that this is very extraordinary after the far-right in Austria were the winners and I really believe that this is not going to be good at all for anyone, specially because of the conspiracy theories.

One thing is to fight the ideology of someone and another thing is to see him dead. I really believe that's an intolerable exaggeration.

Unknown said...

Oops... correction: "One thing is to fight the ideology of someone and another thing is to see him dead" should be "One thing is to fight the ideology of someone and another thing is to desire to see him dead"

Anonymous said...

May he rest in peace and the investigation into this accident come to a resolute conclusion.


Anonymous said...

This is very shocking.

May Jörg Haider rest in peace.


Epaminondas said...

No love lost here.

The world may well be better without him.

"When he was part of the Austrian government in 1999 the rabble-rousing populist described Nazi SS veterans as "men of honour" and praised Hitler's employment policies"

"The veteran right-winger's praise for Hitler's employment policies and his attendance at a rally of SS veterans provoked widespread international criticism and charges that Austria had failed to learn the lessons of its Nazi past. Mr Haider says those days are now over but he added: "We are not going to let the outside world dictate to Austria how it should deal with the past."

And HIS Dewinter-esque excuse?
TIME: Why did you praise Hitler's employment policies?

Haider: I think it was only one sentence out of a big debate. My opponents took out one sentence and made a campaign against me, and it was not possible for me to explain myself.

TIME: What about your praise of the former Waffen SS?

Haider: At the time when I was speaking, I didn't know who was in the audience. I didn't know there were Waffen SS veterans.

I would suggest that such statements and actions places you in the cross hairs of REAL men of honor, who have lost family to racist murderers of the first order. Men who work for other states.

I could care less whether such a man finds peace.

He represents the Europe which made America and Israel compulsory.

Pastorius said...

It's a bit hard to believe this was a simple accident. Of course, it could have been, but coming just a few days after his party took unprecedented control of Austria, it's a bit hard to believe.

die Realität said...

@ empimanodas

So let me thank you for your analysis about our "right" politic (whit idols like ayaan hirsi ali, condi rice, or winston churchill, etc.) in europe who fight every day to counter extremists from the extreme right, left, and islam. We literally do this whit our life, as you can see.

By the way: whitout us, the USA and Israel have no real friends here in europe ... so just go on with your 2. ww view, despite wie live in 2008, and hope for a better solution than we represent.

Maybee you'll have to learn this kind of fight we're in, after choosing a extrem liberal and socialist as the next us-president ...

Anonymous said...

Indeed, it is hard to believe.

Pastorius said...

Die Realitat,
Of late, you have been angry with Epa and I over our views.

That's fine. I understand.

However, I have repeatedly invited you to post your opinions on the main page as a kind of rebuttal to what Epa and I write.

You don't seem to have seen my comments exhorting you to do this. For you have yet to post your own opinions on the main page.

IBA is an international blog for counter-Jihad writers. There has never been an IBA writer whose opinions have caused them to get removed from our contributor list. We allow everyone to write exactly what they want to write here, as long as they are not threatening violence.

Please express your opinions on the main page. It will make the blog more interesting.

Epaminondas said...

Yes, the old standard.
"By the way: whitout us, the USA and Israel have no real friends here in europe"
Us or the commies
Us or the muslims

We are a bulwark against the bolsheviks

We are your only friends against the muslims


Haider's words (and attendance) are self explanatory.
His ideals make HIM and those who subscribe to his ideas (THE WAFFEN SS????????????????, "HONORABLE MEN"?) are not now, nor could they EVER be REAL friends to American and Israelis. Such groups have their own agenda which finds it TEMPORARILY advantageous to identify themselves as such.

They are not

Such people and groups will lead America to ISOLATE THEMSELVES from any European struggle. That is my frank observation

It would not surprise me to find out that someone whose family was recently confined in the alpine camp, a raving socialist loon, OR THE STATE OF ISRAEL was responsible.

"Waffen SS, honorable men"

Epaminondas said...

Agree with pastorius.

Post a big one on this topic, Die Rielitat

That is the place for such an assertion, and a blog like this should air it out freely.

Kim Hartveld said...

Good riddance to Haider.

die Realität said...

@ pastorious

read your comments, thnx. Don't worry about us, we're just commenting ...

@ epaminondas

People like you only see national-socialists (=nazis/what about the other "left" socialists?) or racists (cmon man - not over that, yet?) In Vienna (Austria) they presented yesterday a memorium statue of che guevarra right in the middle of a known parc? Your comment on that? not as bad as honoring ss fighters? Your CIA also recruitet Nazis for Gladio and other Project AFTER the 2. WW. moraly better?

Haider was a tough fighter against islamofascism (and NO socialist or racist) - we all know that there are huge differences in our counter-islamofascism alliances (maybe it's our fault that they don't change theyr mind?) - so what? let islam prevail? Your Obi also want's to talk directly to terrorists, he even got terrorists as his best friends ...

Pastorius said...

Die Realitat,
Well, I wouldn't worry except that you seem truly angered. And, when I'm angry, I write.

If you don't think this blog is what it ought to be, then you have the right and ability to add what you think it is missing.

That's the point of this blog.

I don't like the idea that people think I censor on this blog.

I only Administer. My only interest is providing an interesting counter-Jihad blog which will provide information and opinions to as many people as possible for as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

«In Vienna (Austria) they presented yesterday a memorium statue of che guevarra right in the middle of a known parc?»

Oh my... What did che guevara do for Austria??!!

maccusgermanis said...

Regarding Haiders comments

It is often a struggle for peoples that don't have the luxury of creative revision of history to make peace with their desire to honor the misguided altruism of their countrymen.

I purposely do not call the deaths of Nazi soldiers sacred. For whatever sense of honor a soldier may join, in supposed defense of their nation. Their actions do have their own effects, which are apart from motive. I think it a mistake to assume to know the motives of either crypto-nazis or hardcore jihadists. The ideologies that misguide them must be attacked. Personal attacks invite their followers to discount our criticisms. If Haider were a Nazi, then he wasn't a very good one. The party that he led seems thoroughly infected, though not yet overwhelmed, with classically liberal thought.

In another generation, shall praise of Haider automatically disqualify a politician? Are these questions enough to prompt a jig on my grave?

Anonymous said...

pim fortuyn


weird coincidence.

die Realität said...

@ maccusgermanis

you speak my mind.

Epaminondas said...

That Haider was any kind of a fighter against islamofascism begs the issue of another tough fighter against communists. Godwin's law prevents me mentioning his name.

Never the less in both cases that fight was a subset of something more important.

I don't see a nazi.
I have no freaking idea if Haider was or not.


Honoring the Waffen SS (and I don't want to hear any shit about them being combat troops in the Waffen Corps- we're still talking about reporting to Heydrich and Himmler) is all we need to know.

Every time this comes up this way it will make us in america wonder if Daniel Goldhagen was not PERFECTLY CORRECT.

I am not one who thinks the teutons are some kind of barbarians, rather that evil is quite banal, attendance to ORDER is probably ultimately unamerican and so we here will never understand it, and that many people were scared shitless.

Those same issues are here today

"Personal attacks invite their followers to discount our criticisms"

I attack Haider and no one else.

I abhor apologetics for Haider because as a correlative function of his baseness it was compulsory for him to BE counter-jihad. But he was no counter jihadi.

Any idea that Haider or his think alikes was/is 'one of us' condemns this movement to its death in the USA.

Try and encompass that idea.

Making alliance with the Haiders IS VICTORY for the Muslim Brotherhood

Anonymous said...

«Making alliance with the Haiders IS VICTORY for the Muslim Brotherhood»


Anonymous said...

If that was what he truly believed, then he was a dangerous man, and one less threat to human kind. He was alone in the car, and speeding. I fail to see how that could be murder. I have NO sympathy however, for anyone who die's in an accident while speeding. I don't care what age. Better they take themselves out, than someone else, if their going to be that selfish, and stupid.

Carl in Jerusalem said...

Good riddance to Haider.

There are some people I won't work with. Even against the Islamists.

Why trade one poison for another?

maccusgermanis said...

I don't know Haider well enough to think him, "one of us." -thanks for my implicit inclusion by the way-

But I see a synchronicity between Austria's veterans and Confederate veterans. It is widely accepted by the types that play dress up on the week ends that slavery was wrong. Yet, they want to honor the dead anyway. I think Haiders comments could reflect a similar struggle.

The proposed "honest citizens" served, perhaps unwittingly, a wicked purpose. You are right that such purpose, and its effect, can't be forgotten.

It is important to draw the distinctions between classically liberal ideals and what could be a fascist relapse. Avoiding the appearance of personal attack in such criticisms, will aid in the derailment of any fascist tendencies.

die Realität said...

Communism is as evil as national-socialism or marxism, socialism and all it's proxis (like the world of islam, as they were hitlers best allies in the 2. WW or the extreme left like RAF or others) - noting wrong fighting against it.

Switzerland too faught against the nazis, so by declaring haider a counter-jihadi may be a more sophisticated european "in us" and our history on this continent regarding the threat of islam.

clerisy people know that we will have to fight this 4th dimension war against extrem elements from all sides, because the've got many overlaps betwenn theyr different ideologies. What if Haider was a prototype of a counter-jihadi politician?

die Realität said...

i mean, cmon, an extreme left guy, can become us president, but a politician in austria get's shredded only because he's "right" side of the middle? luther was an bad antisemite - but he also was a genius. Burn the new testament in german?

Kim Hartveld said...

I only now notice the call to sign the condolences book.

That's sick, dude.

Pastorius said...

Die Realitat,
This is the way I see it; if you look at what happened during the years leading up to 1492, you will see that Europe, when it feels it is under pressure from Islam, will react by doing three things,

1) shoring up its Orthodoxy (the Spanish Inquisition

2) expelling Muslims and/or killing them

3) expelling Jews and/or killing them

Europeans did the same thing during the Crusades,

and during WWII, and the leadup, Europeans blamed the Jews for the Depression and other ills of European society.

Now, Europe is once again under tremendous pressure from Islam, and what is Europe doing?

Electing politicians like Haider who have made it clear they do not like Jews.

There may be more to it than that, but that is what I am seeing from here.

Anonymous said...

Giorgio Panto, a right-wing politician, died in a helicopter accident in 2006.

Epaminondas said...

@ Die Realitat

People who "HONOR" the Waffen SS are absolutely NOT the right side of the middle.
End of story

The right side of the middle is someone like Olympia Snowe

The right side of the right is someone like Bob Barr

Look em up

See how unbelievable far apart we are?

I am somewhere between the right side of the middle, and the right

It would appear that we are viewing JUST HOW DIFFERENT the USA is from Europe.

All the way back to the beginning..
Europe made the USA compulsory

We are not the same

Anonymous said...

Look at the hole on the driver side roof. What do you think?

Haider´s car:

Anonymous said...

It looks different in this picture:

The_Editrix said...

Epa, Pastorius, Claudia, don't read this!

This comment section is as if someone said "All stupid people please post here". And so all stupid people did.

Unknown said...

Wow, Editrix, what a clever reasoning!!!

Sorry, this stupid person read it... ;)