Saturday, October 30, 2010

Culturist Brooklyn Tea Party Press Release

We will be giving a press conference and reading the following in front of Cymbrowitz's campaign headquarters tomorrow.

Steven Cymbrowitz Epitomizes the Rotten Cowardice of American Politicians

Contact: John K. Press, Ph.D.                 
President of the Brooklyn Tea Party

To: Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Helene Weinstein, et al.

For months the Brooklyn Tea Party and members of the Sheepshead Bay community have worked diligently to get local politicians to address their concerns about the building of a mosque at 2812 Voorhies Avenue - the Voorhies mosque.  We have written letters to Steven Cymbrowitz, Helene Weinstein, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Anthony Weiner, Marty Golden, Alan Maisel, Marty Markowitz, and Carl Kruger.  Each representative received a certified letter with over thirteen hundred signatures of local residents affixed. 

                  Within these letters we told them that the Anti-Defamation League claimed that the developer of the Mosque, the Muslim American Society (MAS), “has a troubling history of associations with radical organizations and individuals that promote terrorism, anti-Semitism and reject Israel's right to exist.”  The ADL called MAS “the leading American Muslim organization organizing anti-Israel activity in the U.S.”[i] We provided over eighty pages of evidence documenting these claims.[ii] Recently the Staten Island Roman Catholic Church’s board, which includes Archbishop Timothy Dolan, decided not to sell property the MAS wanted to turn into a mosque over this very same documentation.[iii]

                   The Brooklyn TEA Party knows why none of the above mentioned politicians responded to our concerns about the MAS’ Voorhies mosque.  They are cowards.  They are politicians rather than leaders.  They do not want to offend a single person, let alone a group.  Afraid of being called racist, they will not say anything culturist.[iv]  They refuse to utter more than the BS PC clich├ęs that are rotting our nation. They are angry about nothing.  They much prefer photo opportunities when launching nice sounding yet costly programs to taking stances.  They are the very reason that the TEA Party is necessary.

                  Politicians such as Cymbrowitz hide behind multicultural platitudes about all cultures being wonderful and progressive.  Yet, were they responsible, had they a single care stirred by 9 -11, they might consider it their duty to protect our people from even small potential risks.  But while politicians such as Senator Charles Schumer call for investigations into caffeinated beer, none can take time to investigate the funding of the Ground Zero mosque or the Voorhies mosque.[v]  They would risk our lives rather than risk offending groups, be they local or foreign.

                  Cymbrowitz may well claim that foreign terrorists and their representatives have a right to build mosques across our nation.  Politicians of his ilk may claim that they are impotent and choose to ignore the Foreign Agent Registration Act that exists exactly to investigate such threats to our security.[vi]  They may even argue that we should embrace the Muslim American Society and Imam Rauf as great emissaries of the fantastic Islamic legal system known as Sharia law.  But our cowering politicians should at least take public stances on issues their constituents consider vital to their neighborhoods and nation.

                  Mr. Cymbrowitz, you acknowledged receipt of the letters and had a staffer say he was, “not dedicated to what’s happening in other places.”[vii]  He lives in America and his district is four blocks from the Voorhies mosque.  Afraid to personally speak to his constituents, Cymbrowitz had the staffer claim he was “mulling over a response.”[viii]  Since this time there have been many Community Board meetings and a second rally agaist the Voorhies mosque attended by over one hundred and fifty people.  This week’s foiled terror plots show that the emergency is here.  His constituents are out in the streets.  At a time when the nation faces peril, excuses and months of mulling are not appropriate.   

In this time of drug warfare crossing our southern border, terrorist plots being uncovered every week, and our Federal government committing fiscal suicide, Cymbrowitz’s mulling has become a political epidemic.[ix]  We attack Mr. Cymbrowitz because he is vulnerable this election.  Ms. Weinstein, in whose district the Voorhies mosque resides, has also hidden behind silence and totally ignored her constituents’ concerns.  As the Obama government bankrupts our nation and leaves our borders unguarded, we can no longer afford any ribbon-cutting politicians.  We need forceful crusaders who address culturist and fiscal TEA party concerns.

The culturist Brooklyn TEA Party has created pledges to distinguish weak PC leaders from patriotic civic leaders with muscle.  First and foremost we are a TEA Party.  The first pledge requires candidates to freeze government spending and hiring.  They must propose budgets that cut spending by 15% in three years.  The second and third pledges are culturist.   We include the word “culturist” to clarify that we are not racist.  Racism is idiotic.  But since diversity is real, looking at culture is necessary.  Politicians who wish to speak at our rallies or have our endorsement must support Arizona’s immigration laws and denounce the Ground Zero mosque.  Our litmus test screens out the ribbon-cutting moderates that our nation can no longer afford. 

Not only will Mr. Cymbrowitz not take the culturist Brooklyn TEA Party pledges, he will not publicly address the issues.  His community has been pleading with him to take a stance.  He cowers rather than take public positions on the emergencies of our day.  Mr. Cymbrowitz and his ilk must go.

John K. Press, Ph.D.
President - The Brooklyn Tea Party


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