Friday, October 29, 2010

US Civil Rights Commission Report: High-Level Justice Department Officials Tried to Hide Involvement in Dismissing Voter-Intimidation Lawsuit Against Black Panthers

Click on the title to get the whole story at WZ.

Obama is going down.


cjk said...

No one with a half, no quarter of a brain should be surprised over this, at this point.
I don't think Obama is going anywhere unfortunately. The Demonrats will do everything in their power to shield him regardless of the cost. If they don't, one their most important and loyal core constituents, blacks, will NEVER forgive them thereby basically destroying the party. Not to mention far lefties who think he's too far right.

The only way I can even conceive of them getting rid of him would be by assassinating him secretly and blaming the tea party.

I'll be surprised if he even faces a serious challenge from within the party in 2012.

Hey I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

Damien said...


Talk about not doing your job.