Saturday, October 30, 2010

This was no plot to blow up airplanes ..

The explosives were found in a toner cartridge.
The toner cartridge was in a printer (where it belongs)
The printer has a lot of IC boards in it (as it should)

The IC boards were built to detonate on receipt of a phone call from a connected cell phone. (never mind how all this was 'suspicious' inside a box).

But the crew of a transatlantic or other cargo plane may be no more than 3-5.
When do you make the call to detonate?
Suppose there are headwinds and the plane is 40 miles at sea as opposed to on approach over Manhattan?

That's NOT the plan here.

These packages were addressed via UPS and FEDEX and other TRACK ABLE SYSTEMS from anywhere on the planet a computer can reach the internet. VIA PROXY.

Thus the sender KNOWS when the package has been delivered.


Scratch one large Chicago Temple on Saturday morning? Two?Five? Several in NY? Red Hook?

The ancient enemy


This is not about Israel. This is not about anything but us and the JEWS, and what made Daniel Pearl the most tasty of morsels for these cannibals of salafism, and perhaps even khomeinism ... AMERICAN JEWS.

That's how it IS.

Sorry, but that's how it is.

The ADL this morning sent out warnings via email, to JCC's, synagogues, AND THEIR BOARD MEMBERS WHOSE NAMES ARE PUBLICALLY PUBLISHED (HI Y'ALL) ... just caution? Sure, but I have to remember the salafi freak who in 2004 told me electronically he would be sure to find me on the battlefield himself.

As before, I enjoin him to watch not for me, but my representative.

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Anonymous said...

why so selective with :

". . . for these cannibals of "salafism", and perhaps even "khomeinism". . ."

that characterization is far too limiting and mohammad wouldn't approve. He's a jealous character, with a fierce temper.

Consider these followers to be cannibals of "Mohammadism" - all inclusive.

midnight rider said...

They're still hunting for more packages

Mosche Greenberg said...

Are people really believing these stories?

A bomb of this nature would only kill the person standing next to the printer.
Why on earth would someone plot to bomb a random person on the other side of the planet,
by shipping the device with fed ex?
Does the super-secret ALCIADA buy the components for their evil underground bombs on amazon?

Great Intel False Flag Operation to scare the hell out of naive people.

Epaminondas said...

Mosche (if that is indicative of who u r)..U R IGNORANT

"A bomb of this nature would only kill the person standing next to the printer."


A toner cartridge with 2-4 lbs of INDUSTRIAL EXPLOSIVE, which is what this was could easily obliterate ... a floor. Almost as potent as PETN. Suppose it goes off during hebrew school hours?

Frankly if this had been shipped all the way to target .. it would have been JUST THE KIND OF THING THEY LIKE, - use our civilization's STRENGTHS against us .. highly advanced, speedy worldwide shipping and tracking for CHEAP.

This is NOT a letter bomb.

Grow up, and discard the Lyndon Larouche crap ..

Pastorius said...

Good post, Epa. I agree.