Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stunning testimony at the trial of Geert Wilders

From Vlad Tepes Blog:

Thanks to the Counter Jihad Collective, and especially the work of V.H. as translator and the good Baron over at Gates of Vienna, we have managed to translate and subtitle a lot of the testimony given by the judge (I still don’t exactly understand that as procedure) reading from Wafa Sultan and others, on behalf of Geert Wilders.

This testimony, written by Hans Jansen, is the most blunt and insightful of all. Yes it is nearly an hour, but well worth it. Jansen does not mince words and responds to all the questions asked of him with tremendous clarity eliminating irrelevant assumptions from the questions and then discussing the pertinent aspects of Islam relative to the charges against Geert Wilders directly. This really is an excellent watch. Hans is an Arabist with world class credentials on Arabic and Islamic history and culture.

Click on the title to see the other four parts over at Vlad Tepes Blog.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you picked this up. I watched it all over at Vlad yesterday and presumed it would surely be in the pipes for normal blog cross-pollination.

It is difficult to watch this and not feel that this trial may ultimately prove to be a very GOOD thing for freedom, and perhaps even a GOOD thing for Geert Wilders! If I were him, I think I might at times have difficulty suppressing a smile.