Thursday, October 28, 2010

Religion of Terror

Bruce S. Thornton:

Consider, for example, the following description, by the Muslim historian Ar-Razi, of the battle of Valdejunquera, fought in 920 between the Christians of northern Spain and the army of ‘Abd al-Rahman III. (Al-Rahman was the self-styled caliph of Córdoba — that mythical paradise of interfaith tolerance and cooperation, which in fact was the center of the Muslim imperialist occupation of Spain.) Before the battle, Ar-Razi writes, “he [al-Rahman’s general al-Nasir] penetrated deeply into enemy territory, laying it waste, destroying the fortresses of Osma and San Esteban, and many monasteries and churches.” After the Spaniards’ defeat and the capture of the survivors, “The combatants among them were put to the sword in the presence of al-Nasir, more than 500 of their counts and knights.” Another account, by the writer Arib ibn Sa’id, informs us that there were too many heads of slain Christians for the mule-trains to take back to Córdoba. Those heads that did make it were put on stakes around the city walls.

It's amazing just how ignorant modern folks are of the ultra-violent beginnings and history of Islam. Islam was started by a mad man in a tiny city in Arabia. This evil creature waged war against neighboring tribes and most infamously ordered the slaughter of all the men of a Jewish tribe who had surrendered. Then, he took their women as slaves.

After his death, Muslims spread the religion in a blitzkrieg fashion through Asia and Europe. The present-day Jihadists dream of repeating such history. They want an Islamic super-state spanning through continents with themselves in charge.


Gregory said...

Have heart. Many, Many non-muslims in this world are waking up to the ugly history of the arabic rag-heads. Islam is doomed to die, thanks to the internet and education. I hope it takes less than a couple of hundred years or so. War is on the horizon though.

Gregory said...

Damn good article by the way...Keep it handy for the enlightenment of future ignor-anuses.....(can you guess what that word means?)skyard

Pastorius said...

You know, no one ought to know the history better than Europeans, but they ignore it.

I didn't even study European history, but being an English Lit major, I did read Tamerlaine the Great.

Black_Rain said...

check out this site..

i am nearly finished with this book.. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST I HAVE READ YET.!!

Anonymous said...

Which Razi and which book of Razi so I can check ? Because Razi was a well-know sufi and never wrote any books of history.