Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.8 Earthquake Rocks DC Area

Fox news reports A 5.8 earthquake rocked the DC area. Quake felt all the way to Times Square. DC government buildings evacuated.



USGS revises to 6.0 -- now 5.9

Reports JFK airport shut down - confirmed by Fox News

More ..... http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/local/earthquake-dc-maryland-virginia-071610

Earthquake felt at far north as Rhode Island.


From the US Geological Society (the people who keep monitor and record earthquake activity):

District of Columbia

Earthquake History

No historical earthquake has been centered within the District of Columbia.
Ground vibrations from earthquakes in such seismic regions as the St. Lawrence River Valley, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and South Carolina have been felt by D.C. residents, but have caused no damage.


Anonymous said...

my sons felt it & connections in Westchester Cty, NY called to ask if we had any damage. No damage, but the entire house rattled with the tremors. We are two hours north of NYC.
Concern goes out to RRA (on vacation at MD shore), Always on Watch & Baron & Dymphna of GoV . . .they are very close to the epicenter, IIRC. No update at their blog.

Pastorius said...

Man, that's weird, isn't it?

Has DC ever been rocked by a quake before?

Ayatollah Khomeini said...

I blame the Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooz

Unknown said...

Hi Pasto .we felt it also at 14.00, no damaga just 20sec tremor.One observation is the third quake recorded in a week in our region!


WC said...

Called AOW. She's fine.

Unknown said...

One more thing there was a 5.2 quake in Colorado last night.Ever since the Japan quake struck i keep a daily update on my blog of Earthquake activity.Anyone keeping an eye on the Madrid Fault and AARP activity?

Anonymous said...

We would do good to not pressure Israel to give up any portion of Jerusalem. G-d will surely bless those who bless Israel and his children and curse those who curse them. Gen 12:3

Pastorius said...

What is AARP activity?

Unknown said...

HAARP :High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

A lot of conspiracy theorists call it a weapons program even capable of indusing earthquakes.



Anonymous said...

Obama just issued Executive Order #395876 instructing the USGS to rename the area around the epicenter to "Bush's Fault."

Unknown said...

Two of the 3 epicenters were located near Nuclear plants:


Always On Watch said...

Anonymous: Obama just issued Executive Order #395876 instructing the USGS to rename the area around the epicenter to "Bush's Fault."


Yeah, I'm fine. A bit of shimmied bric-a-brac and some tossed to the floor -- and one broken item (my ceramic giraffe).

Good thing that we don't often have earthquakes. The idiots in the office building where I was exited fast enough, but didn't move clear of the building.

Gridlock ensued -- as did non-functioning cell phones.

Never had an earthquake like this in the DC area -- in my lifetime.