Thursday, August 25, 2011

"I urged Bush to bomb Syria’s nuclear reactor in 2007, but he refused”


“I again made the case for U.S. military action against the reactor,” the New York Times quoted Cheney as writing about a meeting on the issue. “But I was a lone voice. After I finished, the president asked, ‘Does anyone here agree with the vice president?’ Not a single hand went up around the room.”


In the brief portions leaked we can see one thing you could feel every day from 2004-6, BUSH CRAWFISHED IN TERM 2, and he is STILL a vastly superior prez than the present apologist occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

And a DISGUSTING REVELATION, Colin Powell KNEW injustice was being done over the Valery Plame/ Libby leak (it was his deputy Armitage who leaked the info) and he did NOTHING.

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Always On Watch said...

This sounds like a book I may have to read!

Truth be told, one reason that I voted for GWB in 2000 was the presence of Cheney on the ticket.