Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thousands came to Beck rally for Restoring Courage

Here's an article about the event, something that even I attended by ways of the Jerusalem city hall, where a crowd of at least another thousand folks were watching his speech on a jumbo-vision screen. Here's more at The Blaze about his visit, and more videos and his speech here too.

If there's anyone who wasn't happy with his visit, it would be Peace Now, who held a protest near where he had his own gathering, but how many actually came?
About three dozen activists from Peace Now held a protest outside the Glenn Beck rally in the Old City of Jerusalem on Wednesday
That little? Gee, and here there were at least a couple thousand people who came to hear Beck, even at affiliate locations. It may not be as big as the crowd he drew for Washington, but for one taking place overseas, it was certainly impressive.

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