Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pick Up Sticks

We came through Irene rather well here. In fact, walking around the neighborhood during the worst of it early (2:30 -3:00 a.m.) we've had much worse tropical systems come through.

Which is not to say we're unscathed. We'll be dealing with river and creek flooding for the next few days as the runoff gets to them and affects the homes along them.

Here we had 6 or 7 inches of rain and some pretty stiff winds. Lots of finger to wrist size limbs down.

We're no where near the coast, a hundred or so miles inland. Philly got it far worse. My sister and her family in the Philly burbs spent the night sleeping fitfully in their basement because tornado warnings kept going up.

And now the cleanup begins.


Always On Watch said...

Minor cleanup to do here.

Across the street, our neighbor had a brand new chain saw and just HAD to use it to cut up a branch that really didn't need cutting up at all. LOL.

Always On Watch said...

Now comes the task of returning things to their proper places: charcoal grill, trash cans, orange cone, etc.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys.
Nice to hear things turned out quite well,which leaves me to wonder was all the hye artificially exagerated to give a picture of a 'president'in charge of everything ?Two days ago i read warnings from a weatherguy that everything was being inflated.

Unknown said...


midnight rider said...

That seems to be exactly what it was, Will. Did you see his "taking charge in the command center" pic?

NOw, understand it was still a dangerous storm and proper precautions were necessary but it was not the apocalypse they were calling/hyping for. All you heard about was how will it affect New York and, wuite frankly, it was Philly that got really hammered in that vicinity (north of the Mason Dixon) because the eye of the storm came ashore in Little Egg Harbor NJ around 3:30 in the morning with a really wet wallop.

In fact where I am we've had far more rain wind and floodin from storms like Agnes (by which all others are measured hereabouts) and Gloria and Floyd.

As for hype ont this storm they were all breathless talking about the 9 ft storm surge, weren't they? They failed to mention/compare to Katrina's storm surge of 29 feet.

It was interesting to compare the coverage. Fox & CNN et al were big on New York, of course, with here's what's happening here right now OH! look at the reporter covered in raw sewage then back to what will this do to New York.

The Weather Channel was actually giving information but spent far too much time (IMHO) patting itself on the back for it's coverage.

By comparison WPVI (Philly ABC) the anchors were on for nearly 24 hours straight (same 2 were on when I woke up Sat morn and still on when I went to bed 22 hours later) giving play by play what's happening in the neighborhoods as the storm moved through tornado warnings flood and tidal surge info at the shore points etc. I would imagine it was the same or similar with all local stations.

But yeah, this was a lot of hype to make a flagin president look good.

Didn't work.