Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Iron Dome batteries at Ashkelon and Beersheva have intercepted over 90% of rockets that would have hit populated areas

How does it work?

Sources inform ”Globes” that Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will invest tens of millions of shekels in the coming months to open a second production line for the Iron Dome’s Tamir missiles, which intercept the Kassam and Grad rockets fired at Israel from Gaza.

The Ministry of Defense is in talks to speed up production and procure the Tamir missiles, partly in view of the latest round of confrontation in Gaza, which involved the firing of scores of rockets against Israeli cities from Ashdod to Beersheva.

The Israel Air Force’s two operational Iron Dome batteries are based at Ashkelon and Beersheva. They intercepted over 90% of the rockets that would have hit populated areas, over the past few days, including an estimated 25 Grad rockets.

You better hurry dudes, because the entire Sinai border is about to go active, and once that happens, expect Hezballah to follow suit at the other end.

Think Assad will be left out?

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