Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hunkering Down Here

1. Inverter (DC to AC) for the sump pump and the fridge? Check. An inverter is especially useful as it doesn't have to be ventilated as does a gasoline-fueled generator.

2. Some bottled water and plenty of canned goods, etc.? Check.

3. Prescription meds for Mr. AOW and for me? Check.

4. Cat food and kitty litter? Check.

5. Cell phones fully charged? Check.

6. Outdoor items secured? Check.

My biggest concern is downed power lines and downed phone lines. If Verizon goes down, I'll be incommunicado for about 10 days.

Thus far, Hurricane Irene doesn't look to be nearly as bad as Hurricane Isabel, which left us out of power and our main road blocked for three days here in the immediate DC area. Much worse for those in outlying area.

And one more thing....The local media coverage of Hurricane Irene has been in the scare-tactics range. Sheesh.

Yesterday, when the sun was shining and nary a drop of rain had fallen, 7 out of 8 drivers were speeding all over the place with their headlights on. Emergency mode! Go figure.

What a week! An earthquake on Tuesday and a hurricane on Saturday-Sunday.


Alexander Münch said...

Just wanted to remind you...
But, You checked already item #4 ...
Thank G-d!

Epaminondas said...

Just depend on the govt AoW.
They will make sure you are happy and healthy.

midnight rider said...

hunkering down here in southeast Pa. as well. Hurricane warnings for Philly, Tropical storm warnings for us 45 miles nor norwest.

All the big news stations are talkng about is either New York or where the storm is right at the moment. Philly is going to get pummeled as well, and others, but no one talks much about that but the local stations. On top of everything else both the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers are likely to flood.

Good luck, AoW. See you on the sunny side :)

Alexander Münch said...

Flying trees killed 7 so far !
Keep away !
Find a hole!