Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump Kills Three Dynasties With One Stone

The stone he cast was simply this:

We will protect our borders; real, economic, and ideological.

With that one stone, he took out the three biggest political dynastiesof our lifetimes.

He DESTROYED Jeb Bush in the primary! Jeb, who is, thankfully, the last of the Bush's political clan, has no political future any longer.

Then he DESTROYED the Clinton's political machine & "Charity Foundation by beating Hillary and ruining her life's dream of being POTUS.

Finally Overlord Obama's legacy is going to be DESTROYED, dismantled a piece at a time, when President Trump rescinds all of Overlord Obama's executive orders, repeals Obamacare, renegotiates TPP, detonates the Iran Treaty, and realigns our commitments in NATO and throughout the rest of the world.