Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Schiff Gets Phone Records Of John Solomon, Devin Nunes And His Aide, Rudy Giuliani And Lev Parnas

Yesterday's release of the House Intel Committee's report was not exactly surprising in its conclusions, which were pre-determined a little over three years ago. What did come as a shock was the revelation in the report that Schiff-for-Brains was spying on Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani and others by obtaining their phone records. 
How he was able to get them is a mystery, at least insofar as who obliged him, not that he was able to obtain them which appears to be what is known in the trade as a federal crime. 
There's also the news that Schiff-for-Brains hired a former colleague of alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella on July 26th, the day after President Trump spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. What a co-inky-dink. 
But wait! There's more! The other little tidbit of an oopsie, which in the real world should be ringing major alarm bells about the incident itself, let alone what it indicates as to who the real criminals and colluders are is that The husband of Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, reportedly took $700,000 from firms connected to a Ukrainian oligarch who has allegedly been "accused of ordering contract killings." From what we can glean, the money was not a bribe in the Hunter Biden sense (it was a salary earned, I guess, over a period of 10 years).
As for Horowitz, Barr and Durham, we covered that territory yesterday but still, it is worth considering a couple of things. FIRST, while the major players and plotters in the greatest political crime bar none in American history may very well never see the inside of a court room, let alone a prison cell, their crimes will be revealed no matter how the Democrat-Media Complex attempts to spin them. And believe me, Trump is not going to let them establish the narrative. 
SECOND, none of the things we have long suspected about our government and how it operates behind our backs (and sometimes in our face) and against the founding principles, laws and customs they all swear to uphold would ever have come to light had Trump not been elected. 
I would say that that seminal moment in our history came about as a result of and ultimate reaction to what we have endured since at least the time of George H.W. Bush, certainly since Obama, for sure. I think that that in and of itself is a blessing. As a former Ted Cruz guy, when I cast my vote for Trump my only goal was to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president. 
Everything after that was going to be gravy, no matter what I imagined the Donald Trump I had known up until that time would do. Look at what he has done, or more accurately what we have given him the opportunity to do. And that is what this impeachment is really all about. For daring to be deprogrammed from the illusion and bullshit the Globalists have foisted on us since the end of World War 2, they want revenge. 
Trump is merely the figurehead; we are the ones they want to impeach. 

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Anonymous said...

Interesting story tonight w/ @ShannonBream about China using social media & other tech to profile Uighurs [Muslims,] & American companies helped. This thread show direct evidence of China investment in ClearForce, owned by Obama's National Security Advisor/NATO Commander.

Recall also - and consider the potential for further development, usage and distribution/availability since it's inception.

Maxine Water’s revelation about the powerful OFA databank Obama created for use in
coming elections.
obliterating Fourth Amendment constitutional rights