Monday, June 01, 2020

Blighting Our Cities

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The murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police Officer (and psycho?) Derek Chavin while three other police officers stood by should sadden and outrage any human being with a conscience.

So should what's been happening in United States cities in the days and nights following the murder sadden and outrage us: violence, vehicles set on fire, stores looted.

I well remember the consequences of the 1968 riots in Washington, D.C.  An entire section of downtown Washington remained a blight for years upon years:
The property loss caused by the riots was extensive and included damage to 1,199 buildings, including 283 residential and 1,590 commercial units. Losses to at least partially insured properties in the concentrated area of looting and destruction were estimated at $25 million. Insurance covered only 29% of the total loss suffered by these businesses. As a result of the riot damage, an estimated 2,900 insurance policies were cancelled and 500 businesses suffered inflated insurance rates. The Board of Trade estimated a loss of $40 million in tourist trade during April and May including those due to the cancellation of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

The riots devastated Washington's inner city economy. With the destruction or closing of businesses, thousands of jobs were lost, and insurance rates soared. Made uneasy by the violence, white flight from the city accelerated, depressing property values. Crime in the burned out neighborhoods rose sharply, further discouraging investment.

On some blocks, only rubble remained for decades. Columbia Heights and the U Street Corridor did not begin to recover economically until the opening of metro (subway) stations at U Street in 1991 and Columbia Heights stations in 1999, which in turn assisted the areas' gentrification in the 2010s.
The same will happen to these cities being ravaged today.

The destruction of property is no way to grieve — and serves only to perpetuate a particular racial stereotype, thus setting back race relations for years to come.

I weep for our republic and can barely watch the news during these terrible days.


Rednecktexan said...

I guess its easier politically to declare Antifa a domestic terrorists group than it is to name the Urban Black Community one.

I didn't see any Antifa looting the Target.

I guess not being able to even name the perpetrators suggests nothing will really be done to combat the problem.

When can we go back to pretending the police can protect us and our property?

Can we keep pretending this racial violence will subside and everything's gonna be alright?

I hear some protesters suggesting they will be moving these racially motivated looting and assault pep-rallies to white suburban neighborhoods. I'm all for that.

We dont use pepper spray, rubber bullets, or nylon straps. And I dont have a sword.

This probably will not be going away until they finally get whitey angry enough to organize into extrajudicial defense forces.

If their smart they will practice assaulting gun free suburban white neighborhoods first ..... that will be some easy pickins. Then move on to the neighborhoods that will leave them lying in bloody piles in the streets.

I seriously hope they come to a neighborhood near me.

..... but they want wont. Sustained Ethnic Civil War is too much like real work. Any type of armed resistance, unrestrained by the rules of engagement we force our cops to endure, will thin the protesting herd out overnight.

.... they will just fade back into inner city shadows, bitch about the lack of retail investments in their neighborhoods, and wait till the store shelves are stocked up with free shit again before another injustice allows them to do what they are predisposed to do.

This cycle will continue until we as a society recognize our lack of wiliness to use violence against these people is what emboldens them.

Anonymous said...

copy/paste from twitter thread (worth examining the entire thread)as it discusses the potential counterfeit money laundering aspect of El Nuevo Rodeo...

Now remember back when Bernie Boys said "If Trump gets reelected, fucking cities will burn."

And so they are. And we know Antifa is part of it.
I just want to add this, too:
There's also protests in Germany, over Floyd's death, where there's a significant Antifa presence.
This is important, too. Very eye-opening article regarding Antifa connections to ISIS.

From October 2017:
EXCLUSIVE: US left wing groups travelled to Germany for the G20 Summit last July to meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders and plot the destruction of President Trump, secret FBI investigation reveals

Anonymous said...

Ooops...forgot the twitter thread link:

Pastorius said...

What is "El Nuevo Rodeo"?

Anonymous said...

What is "El Nuevo Rodeo"?

Nightclub in MN where both Chauvin and Floyd are said to have worked security.

Pastorius said...

Oh yea. I should have remembered that.

This counterfeiting ring, if that story is true, it needs to come out, because if it is true, it may completely explain why George Floyd would not get in the car, and why Chauvin killed him.

It also explains the dispassionate behavior of the murder. Maybe he thought he could get away with the murder in broad daylight, if it didn't look like an act of passion, but instead, like an "accident."