Saturday, January 23, 2021

Computer repair shop owner details exactly what he saw on Hunter Biden's laptop


revereridesagain said...

He left out all the selfies of Hunter posing in the nude with and without a naked girls @$$ on his head. Is there some kind of "agreement" to "spare the family embarrassment" by keeping these from the public? It that all part of the "deprogramming" effort now underway, aided and abetted by Biden-butt-kissing opportunists like this?

I spent over 15 years working with the Cult Awareness Network to help expose GENUINE cults and assist victims and their families. This fatuous jerk Hassan was one of my closest friends. I discovered this yesterday and ever since he has been getting emails with which he will not be pleased on the theme of since when does he have the gall to suggest he should "deprogram" me of my political convictions. The contact information is available online.

cjk said...

Not too good at picking close friends, eh?