Thursday, January 28, 2021

X-Ray technician, 60, who was 'excited' to get COVID vaccine dies just two days after getting second dose of Pfizer jab and suffering 'bad reaction' including breathing difficulties - but officials say his cause of death is inconclusive

This happened near where I live. And, of course, a friend of mine (who was an ER Nurse) died three days after receiving his second dose of the vaccine.

Another friend of mine, from North Carolina, had a Doctor friend who died a week or so after his second dose.

And another friend has a step-daughter who boyfriend's Mom died right after the second dose.

These deaths are crowding close.

Tim Zook, a 60-year-old X-ray technologist at South Coast Global Medical Center died on January 7 - two days after receiving his second Pfizer jab 
He had written on Facebook that he was 'excited' to be fully vaccinated 
But within hours he was admitted to the ER with breathing issues 
He was later placed on a ventilator and placed into a medically induced coma His kidneys began to fail and was officially pronounced dead on January 7 
The Orange County coroner has said Zook's cause of death is inconclusive and said further toxicology testing will take months 
In a statement to, a Pfizer spokesperson said the company is aware of Zook’s death and is also investigating the matter


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