Saturday, January 23, 2021

Rt. Hon. Randy Hiller report on the fraud that are the Covid measures, and the Communist Chinese penetration of Canada’s government to enact them


This is from Canada, but it is important to understand, because many of the same things have happened here in the United States.

Enclosed is a detailed analysis examining and documenting significant involvement and influence by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) within our medical and scientific, business, and academic communities. The attached 40 page document penned by top professionals across Canada and the United states, many in the intelligence community, outlines and provides evidence which helps us understand why we responded the way we did to COVID-19, and why we continue to enact public policies which are destroying the western world.

Key points contained within the document are: 

  1. Lockdowns Originated on the Order of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, and Were Propagated Into Global Policy by the World Health Organization With Little Analysis or Logic
  1. The Most Influential Institution for Covid-19 Models, Self-Described as “China’s Best Academic Partner in the West,” Has Been by Far the Most Alarmist and Inaccurate Covid-19 Modeler 
  2. Deadly Recommendations for Early Mechanical Ventilation Came from China 
  3. The World’s Predominant, Wildly-Inaccurate PCR Testing Protocols Are Based on Incomplete, Theoretical Genome Sequences Supplied by China 
  4. Predominant, Excessive PCR Testing Protocols Came from China 
  5. Studies Showing Significant Asymptomatic Transmission, the Only Scientific Basis for Lockdowns of Healthy Individuals, Came from China 
  6. The CCP Engaged in an Early, Broad, Systematic, and Global Propaganda Campaign to Promote Its Lockdown Response 
  7. Many Prominent Pro-Lockdown Scientists Show Conspicuous Pro-China Bias 
  8. Many Other Influential Lockdown Supporters Are Both Woefully Unqualified to Be Advising World Leaders on Pandemic Policy and Often Show Conspicuous Pro-China Bias 
  9. Several Top National Health Officials Among the Nations Are Woefully Unqualified and Show Conspicuous Pro-China Bias 
  10. Prominent Lockdown Supporters Have Proven Unusually Indifferent to the Devastating Consequences of Their Policies 

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