Friday, January 22, 2021

Polish Minister: Here's Why I Decided to Regulate Monopoly Social Media Tech in My Country


This is a viewpoint almost entirely absent in the American political class. The Democrats won't regulate Big Tech because Big Tech is their jackbooted speech code enforcer and their propaganda arm, and the Republicans won't regulate Big Tech because they're fucking taking money from them. 
"In Poland, we have watched with alarm as a consortium of ever more powerful, monopolistic Big Tech companies have done what was once unthinkable: de-platforming a sitting U.S. president. For us, this example--which has alarmed presidents and prime ministers across Europe and, indeed, the world--is merely the straw that broke the camel's back.... 
For the citizens of Poland and other countries that value true democratic accountability, we have concluded that this situation can go on no longer. As media across the world have noted, Poland has proposed a law establishing a "Freedom of Speech Council" to guarantee that Polish citizens are not arbitrarily manipulated by Big Tech companies. ... Poland suffered under Soviet-imposed Communism for 45 years and endured decades of censorship. We are particularly sensitive to any attempts to curtail freedom of speech..." 
Say, do you remember when Americans were particularly sensitive to attempts to curtain freedom of speech?


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