Thursday, January 21, 2021

How the US became vulnerable to fascism in modern times

Hugh Meyers at the American Thinker explains how the USA became vulnerable to totalitarian mentality:
The US at the national level has been moving toward fascism steadily and deliberately. Democrats and Republicans in Washington endorse big state crony capitalism openly in some cases, and tacitly in others. The trend is accelerating right now due to Covid windfalls that hugely benefit many oligarchs. Today’s fascist oligarchs comprise a formidable array: the deep state of unaccountable bureaucrats, academe, the megalomaniacs of Silicon Valley, Davos elites, Hollywood, Wall Street, big banks, many of the largest corporations, legacy media, some state governors, professional sports, New World Order kleptocrats, some functionaries of both parties.

The oligarchs’ front men in legacy media are partisans. In the US, what on the surface appears to be two party governance is in fact one party, the big state party, with two branches: the pedal to the metal fascists and the drive 55 fascists, the latter renowned for their complicity in private but now exposed thanks to an American president. Their allies in academe have been and are doing everything they can to obscure the evidence, cloud the issues with misdirection and propagandize the young against Western liberalism.

Sadly, most of the people who suffered directly under fascism or who fought against fascist militarism in World War II are not with us anymore. Bulwarks against fascism in this country have weakened with the greatest generation now mostly gone. Recognizing this, the fascist oligarchs have accelerated into their end game. Emboldened by four years of vile obstruction against the first American president in thirty years to take them on, and shielded against consequences by their deep state facilitators, fascists in formerly American states are now showing their true colors behind the cover of Covid with threats against small businesses and churches familiar to those who have studied the black shirts. Nationally, the fascists are in full cry, censoring, cancelling, demonizing, de-platforming, and conspiring to ruin perceived threats to their hegemony.

In The Gathering Storm, Winston Churchill reflected that World War II was one of the most avoidable catastrophes in world history. Time and time again those entrusted with Western governance decided against making a stand against fascism and in favor of what was hailed “peace in our time” then later described as appeasement. The butcher’s bill was enormous.
I do know that anybody who makes a superficial comment like "it couldn't possibly happen in the US" is making an absurd, terrible mistake, being monumentally naive. Especially when you consider how many enemy countries like Iran, Russia and China have proven the capability of building nuclear weapons (although Russia may not be considered as bad as they used to be, any connections they have with the other 2 lands are still worrisome). What anybody who cares should say is that "so long as we remain vigilant realists, the US will remain safe". But by acting naive about the state of the atmosphere in the US, and turning the other cheek when something serious could be going on around the corner or behind the scenes, that's why bad things end up happening, and are entirely capable of occurring.

It's also ill-advised to say, "we're better than anybody else", because that runs the risk of making it sound like everyone else in foreign countries is inferior in every way, shouldn't improve their flaws, and worst, that they can all burn in hell, because the USA is supposedly all you need. To go by such a selfish mentality is dangerous too. What should really be said is, "I wish other foreign countries could and would aspire to be as good in their approach as we could be in ours, and would develop laws and other elements similar to the Constitution that could help them attain as good a standing as ours." That's how you better yourself and inspire trust in others, by proving you're altruistic and want other countries to be safe and prosperous places to live in, and it's regrettable Franklin Roosevelt wasn't that kind of person during the WW2 era.

Now, we've reached a situation where the US appears to have fallen victim to the very ideologies that'll end up destroying it, all because conservatives failed to maintain proper vigilance, and allowed RINOs to infiltrate the movement, making things worse. How that's to be mended, if possible, is anyone's guess.

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