Friday, January 29, 2021

Investigation Reveals That Andrew Cuomo's Nursing-Home Death-Count Was 50% Higher Than He Claimed


C'mon, Really, Who Gives a Fuck?

Remember, the Left repeatedly lauded Cuomo for his handling of COVID.

It's almost like they celebrate COVID deaths.

Always need to stress: He ordered sick patients to be packed into the nursing homes, despite the nursing homes having no capacity to quarantine patients.

I was in the hospital this past year. I was on a wing with positive air pressure. The pressure was higher in my wing so that air from other wings could not make it into my wing. Air is always blowing out.

Does anyone think that nursing homes have positive air pressure wings to control the movement of airborne diseases?

No, of course they don't.

But Andrew Cuomo of NY, Murphy of NJ, Wolf of PA, and Whitmer of MI all ordered covid-infected patients to be seeded into the healthy populations of nursing homes, in order to kill them all.

Well the actual reason was to keep them out of the hospitals, but the repulsive choice was to murder tens of thousands of elderly people for what I'm sure they told themselves was "the greater good."

But this was all Trump's fault, Andrew Cuomo told us. He lied and said Trump's CDC ordered him to mix the sick with the healthy.

That's a lie. The CDC did not instruct him to take this murderous action. The CDC said that nursing homes could take covid patients, IF they had adequate safeguards and could perform a quarantine.

Which almost no nursing homes did.

The media pushed this lie because of course they did. They are in the business of lying on behalf of the murderous progressive socialist left. That is literally all they do now.

And now we find out that Andrew Cuomo murdered 50% more grandpas and grandmas that this killer has previously admitted.


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Anonymous said...

"It's almost like they celebrate COVID deaths." Like they celebrate abortions. They are the Party of Death.

The State of New York was mining the COVID+ for federal subsidies and shedding costly elderly Medicaid liabilities at the same time. That's a win/win if all you give a shit about is the money.