Wednesday, May 12, 2021

ISRAEL: Ben Gurion Airport Is Under Fire, As Palestinian Jihadists Attempt To Have Israeli Armed Forced Attacks Palestinian Territories, to Drum Up Sympathy For Their Cause, Which Is Really Just The Destruction of Israel

More Than 130 Rockets From Gaza Intercepted by Iron Dome Over Tel Aviv (VIDEO)


MAYOR OF LOD, ISRAEL: “Streets Are Witnessing Civil War Between Arabs and Jews” – Synagogue Torched – Arabs Fire Automatic Weapons at Israeli Police

Hamas Launches 15 Rockets Towards Dimona, Israel and Its Nuclear Reactor — Week After Iranian Propaganda Video Showing a Missile Strike on Plant


Anonymous said...

The fact that this has spilled over to Israeli Arabs (they are NOT Palestinians) is very troubling.

revereridesagain said...

The Left ,including the DeMarxocRat Party, has singlehandedly managed to bring back anti-Semitism and murderous Jew Hate that now threatens the survival of Israel.

SHAME on everyone who has voted for the Left.