Wednesday, May 12, 2021

TUCKER: They Did This On Purpose


Anonymous said...

The rational approach would be to realize that we have become too dependent on one pipeline and work towards buildout of alternative pipeline capacity that is geographically diversified from the Colonial line. I am sure that the greens in the Deep State will instead use this failure as a good reason that we must diversify instead to far faster forced adoption of an EV vehicle fleet. So lookout- electricity shortage is also in the works as far too many people attempt to recharge their cars at once.

— Ewin Barnett

Anonymous said...

Wait, WHAT? Why is
co-sponsoring a Big Media Cartel bill? Follow the money, find the truth. Back out of this now, Rep. Buck. Why empower the very media companies responsible for stomping out conservative & dissident voices?!

Big Media's Special Interests, Lobbyists Flood Buck’s Campaign Coffers
Buck is co-sponsor of a bill to allow big media companies to form a cartel to pressure tech companies for more censorship and special favors.