Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Canadians Getting Very Creepy Robocall Survey on COVID, Climate Change and Personal Values and Beliefs


EKOS Research Associates is a Canadian social and economic research company. 

June 21 at 10:08 AM EST
(888) 688-0709
Machine asking to participate in a brief Ekos survey
Q1 “have you received a Covid 19 vaccination”? (press 1 for yes, 2 for no)
Q2 “would you accept a covid 19 vaccination if one was made available to you”? (1 for yes, 2 for no)
Q3 “How long do you think it will be before things open up/return to normal?” (press 1 for <1 month, 2 for 1-3 months, 3 for 3-6 months, 4 for 6-12 months, 5 for over 12 months)

Q5 “What is your highest completed level of education”? (1 for highschool, 2 for college or CGEP, 3 for University)
Q6 ” what is your gender ?” (press 1 for female, 2 for male, 3 for other)
Q7 “do you identify as a visible minority” (1 yes, 2 for no)

When raising children, what values/qualities do you find more important
Q10 ” 1 Obedience or 2 questioning authority?
Q11 “1 morality or 2 science and evidence”?
Q12 “1 Order or 2 openness”?
Q13 “On a scale from 1 to 5, one being not important and 5 being very important, how important is it for people to make lifestyle changes to avoid climate change?”
Q14 “did we reach you by home phone or cell phone?” (press 1 home, 2 cell)


Almost absolutely sure this is funded by the government. And, it likely portends something very terrible.

One can see a gradual movement from COVID to Climate Change is in the works. One can see that certain classes of people are going to be deemed, based upon values, to be labeled Useless Eaters.

It is a dark world we live in today.

By the way, I seriously doubt the Canadian government's behavior is tangential to what the rest of the Western World is pondering. 

We may think the lockdowns are over. 

But I doubt it.


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