Friday, June 25, 2021

Fiddling About While Rome Burns

From J.J. Sefton:
The GOP expects us to cheer them for stopping H.R.-1 (for now) but as I said, it was not so much to save us from institutionalized permanent election-rigging. It was for them to protect their access to the trough. 
No need for a phony baloney "opposition" party if the Dems can just win it all every 2-4 years, now is there? 
The fact of the matter is every single elected Republican in this nation, from dog-catcher right on up to the Senate and the House should have as his or her stated goal the dismantling of as much of the government bureaucracy as possible - not ways to spend more money, supposedly under the sham excuse of "being better managers." 
Oh well. As an old boss and mentor of mine in Hollywood used to say "you can fuck it, you can suck it, but it is what it is." At one point, the whole shithouse has to collapse in a Cloward-Piven heap of destruction. 
At the rate we're going, that's going to be sooner rather than later and frankly, maybe that's what needs to happen. And to all the dick-less trolls infecting the comments section who think it will bring about their wet dream glorious Communist paradise on earth here in the former United States, think again. You're in for a rude awakening. 
Wasn't sure how I was going to do it but Daniel Greenfield's outstanding piece in Frontpage Mag this morning encapsulates perfectly the mentality - or lack thereof - of the aforementioned dick-less and tragically mindless trolls out there. 
Barack Obama turns 60 over the summer. The AARP cover with Barry posing next to a basketball and a shelf of bestselling non-fiction books he hasn't read can't be too far away. Once the symbol of youthful hipness, the former boss of Hope and Change now lectures "young people" on what they should be doing. His legacy is being carried forward by 78-year-old Biden and the 81-year-old Pelosi. That's above the average age of 80 of the House Dem leadership. 
The average age of the Biden cabinet is two years older than President Trump's cabinet. The gerontocratic technocracy uses AOC as its younger foil, but she's been a stalking horse for Bernie Sanders who will hit the big 80 in the fall. 
The big donors behind the American Left are even older with George Soros due to hit 90 the same month Obama gets to 60. The even bigger reservoirs of cash flowing into the leftist machine are coming from the foundations of men who were born in the 19th century like Henry Ford, John D. MacArthur, and John D. Rockefeller. 
That's about right for a 19th century ideology whose followers keep trying to make it look young. 
Youthful leftism is anarchic. It's CHAZ, BLM, and Antifa. It's open air heroin markets, smashed store windows, and political assassinations. Turning that anarchy into collectivism requires hysterical propaganda and rallies that appear anarchic, but are actually tightly controlled, ideas that seem edgy, but are actually the work of men who were born during the age of steam. 
If you think Bernie's old, Karl Marx celebrated his 203rd birthday in May. Obama's policies have aged as badly as Marx, Biden, or their front man. But instead of moderating as they grow older, they only grow more radical. Obama equivocated on gay marriage, while Biden entirely erases the existence of women by calling them "birthing people". 
Obama covertly weaponized the government against conservatives, while Biden is doing it openly. Everything from election rigging through H.R.1 to indoctrinating every government employee with critical race theory is happening more openly and blatantly under Biden. Youthful leftist revolutions break the system while leftist gerentocrats impose the tyranny. 
As Obama gets closer to his AARP cover, a generation lives in the world that he made. Like Obama, his radical political movement speaks endlessly about the past, but has no actual past. Its past is always being reinvented and retold through new narratives, but with no facts. 
The Obama revolution has come and gone. We have skipped past it to the Soviet Union of Chernenko and Andropov, of gerontocrats building the tyranny with the beams of revolution. The decline is everywhere as the theories fail, the factories close, and the stores stand empty. 
The youth are being rallied to cheer for the revolutionary tyranny of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer who are promising a new era in history no one believes in anymore. Since the election their cause is no longer free college, it's federalizing elections through H.R.1. Federalizing elections, eliminating the filibuster, and packing the Supreme Court are compelling issues in Washington D.C., but the regime plotting new coups has little to say to the ordinary people facing high prices for gas and bread. Land, Bread, and Peace has given way to a race for total power over the country as the revolution of Hope, Crisis and Change comes of age.


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