Tuesday, June 29, 2021

SPA DAY: A Normal Woman Sees Nude "Woman" With Penis In Female Changing Room And Loses Her Shit

This is where, as the saying goes, the shit just got real. Despite the constant lefty caterwauling to the contrary, most Americans are pretty tolerant. We don't care what you think or what you believe. We just want to be left alone and are willing to extend to you the same courtesy. But the problem here, according to the narrator of the video, is that the managers of this spa allowed a DIAD to walk around the women's restroom with his pud hanging out. Now this normally would be a criminal offense, but apparently, the push for transgender "rights" has created a legal loophole where it is OK for men to dangle their puds in front of little girls, but as long as they say they're women, it's all good.


Wait, How Could This Be Happening? They Promised Me This Wouldn't Happen:


revereridesagain said...

This is everywhere now an it is breaking my heart. A lot of us won't talk about it but we are seeing people we liked and respected climb on this bandwagon, helping the freaks and sickos poison the sexual climate for everyone but themselves.

I hate the Left for what it is doing to our lives.

Pastorius said...

Yes, it is EVERYWHERE.

I can not escape it.

It is disgusting.