Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Don Lemon Has Black Face "Mammy" Cookie Jar In His Kitchen

Fox News host Tucker Carlson exposed the rank hypocrisy of CNN's Don Lemon during a Monday night "Tucker Carlson Tonight" segment that featured details about the CNN host's lavish lifestyle in an overwhelmingly white neighborhood that belies his on-air persona. 
Lemon, who makes a living, somehow, race-hustling to an ever-diminishing CNN late-night audience, recently penned a column for The Washington Post insisting that black and white people live in "two different realities."  
But there’s also this false reality that we’re living in a post-racial world after the election of Barack Obama. That was all bulls---. It was a wake-up call to White people who thought we were living in a nonracist world. We’re living in two different realities as Black and White people. We knew, as Black people, what was lurking beneath the surface. I still believe that [Trump] was the necessary wake-up for America to realize just how racist it is. 
Introducing the topic Monday night, Carlson wondered about the "different reality" Lemon is "forced to live in as a black man in America." "We did a little bit of digging and here are the details," said the Fox News host. Don Lemon lives in a $4.3 million home in Sag Harbor, New York. 
No, he does not live in Section 8 housing. He lives in one of the whitest towns in America. In fact, 80%. Sag Harbor is just 3% African-American. In the interview, Mr. Lemon said America needs to see more people like him. He lectures America about diversity. When he didn't tell The Washington Post is that in his free time he runs away from diversity. His reality is that he doesn’t like diversity at all. None of them do. 
Carlson went on to expose the "most troubling discovery" yet about the CNN host, a "black face cookie jar." 
"What is this, this symbol of hate posing as a cookie jar, doing in Don Lemon’s kitchen?" Carlson asked as producers showed the image. "Do you see that? That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a white supremacist QAnon cookie jar. 
Now we are not calling for the Department of Justice to look more deeply into this because that’s not our place. We're a cable news show not a law enforcement agency. But let’s put it this way, if you find yourself with a black face cookie jar in your own kitchen, it's time to reflect. That means you, Don Lemon."

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