Friday, June 18, 2021

French President Macron Scolds, Bullies, and Humiliates Our Pathetic, Mumbling, Cognitively-Impaired Fraudulent President

He's always looking down.

Let me tell you, when I had intense, crippling panic, I would always look down, too. When your brain is betraying you, you want to disappear, and one way to feel like you're hidden is to lower your eyes. Like the ostrich putting its head in the sand -- if it can't see you, you can't see it.

This brain-damaged sexual assailant is always looking down, looking away from people. Always hiding.

Always worried that people will realize his brain is defective and that he's dying.

After jabbing his fingers into Biden's face and letting him know who's boss, Macron announced "America is back" with Biden, meaning, America is now ready to be bullied by Europe again.


1 comment:

Most Likely II said...

FBiden but Macron better go get Femself w/something sharp and heavy (preferably in the eye).

France is a s_ _ _ hole, Macron is what came out it.