Friday, June 25, 2021

Joe Biden Threatens to Nuke US Citizens If They Assert Their 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms

This may be the most disgusting thing any US President has ever said.

In one statement, Joe Biden threatens to Nuke citizens and take away one of their top two most fundamental of right; the Right to Bear Arms. 

RedState talks about the nonsense here: 
If Biden and his party truly believe the government is so all-powerful that any possible rebellion would be put down with ease, then how does that square with their claims that our "democracy" was on the brink of destruction on January 6th because some unarmed people took selfies in Pelosi's office? 
Either our system of government is so fragile that a dude in horns and facepaint can threaten its existence, or it's so untouchable that the government would just nuke anyone who got within a mile of doing any harm to it. Which is it? Because it can't be both. 
Are you starting to see how the Democrats views on guns and government power shift on a dime in order to sustain their political narratives? 
The truth is that if enough Americans felt the government had become tyrannical and rose up against it with arms protected by the Second Amendment, things would be a lot more complicated and gray than "well, the military has nukes." We've seen that reality play out in foreign countries many times. Further, the very fact that Biden would threaten such is yet more proof the Second Amendment must be protected

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