Wednesday, June 30, 2021

How the US Deep State Allowed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans To DieTo Make Trump Look Bad

From The Vlad Tepes Blog:

The first thing to understand, and that readers of this site will know already, is that early treatment of the Wuhan Flu with HCQ had trememendous power to mitigate and end the disease, and prevent hospitalizations and deaths. 
It was also known that if you waited too late to get HCQ it had less and less effectiveness. Once you were in the hospital, HCQ probably could not help you. 
But thanks to the single-handed efforts of this one anti-Trump civil-servant, he made sure that was the only way it was available to Covid patients. 
In the video clip, we learn is who created the rule that it could only be used by those already hospitalized, and why they made that rule, despite the Trump admin ordering that HCQ be made available to all as quickly as possible. 
Below, a segment of this hit piece on President Trump. We extracted the bit on HCQ. And it certainly looks different from today’s understanding on the efficacy of the medicine. 
erhaps charges should be put on this snivelling bureaucrat who singlehandedly is responsible for more deaths than your average Slobodan MiloŇ°evi? for example, who spent his life in prison in The Hague waiting for a trial. 
The difference of course, is that this man admits to being guilty of denying an inexpensive life saving drug except under conditions where it was less useful. 



revereridesagain said...

The politically ambitious will do absolutely anything to gain and increase power for themselves. It is impossible for them to view fellow human beings as anything other than a means to that end. Most of them belong in prison for life. Let the hundreds of "January 6" political prisoners out of their solitary cells in DC and refill them with these miserable excuses for human beings.

Pastorius said...

I love that the Vlad Tepes Blog guy brought up Milosevic, because that's what these pigs are like.