Monday, June 06, 2022

Overall deaths in Australia - where nearly everyone is vaccinated - are spiking


Add Australia to the countries seeing an unusual surge in deaths from all causes following mass mRNA shot campaigns .

The Australian government reported on May 25 that deaths in Australia were 21 percent above normal in early 2022. Even excluding Covid deaths, deaths were more than 10 percent above normal.


Victoria, Australia's second-most-populated state, offers an even grimmer picture. Unlike the national government, Victoria publishes monthly death figures in near-real time. On Thursday, it reported 4,312 deaths in May, 27 percent above the average of May 2020 and 2021 - the equivalent of 45,000 extra deaths in the United States.


The Australian death spike is particularly striking, because Australia had no excess deaths - and little Covid - in 2020 and much of 2021. Thus the usual alternative explanations cannot hold. The spike cannot be the result of delayed medical care or “long Covid” (whatever long Covid is). Australia’s weather and geography are also very different than the European countries now reporting excess deaths.

Further, the Australian data show that most excess deaths in January and February 2022 were NOT cardiac. Deaths from cancer were slightly above average, but the biggest jumps were in deaths from diabetes and dementia, both almost 30 percent above normal.

Reports in scientific journals and in the federal VAERS database have highlighted cases of severe diabetic dysregulation following the mRNA shots. Anecdotal stories of elderly people suffering rapid mental deterioration, especially after a second or booster shot, are also common.


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