Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great balls of fire!

This is the best video of the day and I've been looking for it since I heard about the operation.

Tonight, the IDF found a group of Hamas terrorists loading grad missiles onto a flatbed truck. When the terrorists finished loading the truck, they were shocked and awed to find themselves launched along with the missiles.

For the first 45 seconds of this tape, you'll wonder why you're watching it. But after that, it's explosive.

Let's go to the videotape.


Anonymous said...

This is why they are running out of virgins already. At 72 per, the suppliers just can't keep up.

Rock on, IDF!!!

Anonymous said...

Correction to a typo in the Koran.

In place of '72 virgins' please substitute 'a 72 year-old virgin'.

Ray Boyd said...

Removed due to terms of use violation. YouTube doesn't hang about on removing any infidel stuff.

Carl in Jerusalem said...

Ray Boyd,

I replaced it with the same video from LiveLeak. Please go back and re-view.