Friday, December 26, 2008

Iran Throws Out The BBC

From Atlas Shrugs:

And while I have no love for the dhimmi, Jew hating BBC, this is very instructive particularly to the leftists who have aligned themselves with the global jihad. Your cowardice and submission will not save you. 

Mehr news agency, a regime-run broadcasting outlet reported today that the Minister of Islamic Culture and Enlightenment, Mohammad Saffar-Harandi announced the closing of the Tehran branch of the BBC news network. Saffar-Harandi specified: "The BBC, like many other foreign news networks has had a branch office in Tehran which is now being shut down due to "transgressions" on the part of the BBC. Of course the fact that BBC does provide us with the coverage and broadcasts globally is to our advantage however, all that said, a certain measure of ongoing offenses is  something that we take into consideration."

The Mehr reporter asked whether such "considerations" will be effectuated where other foreign news networks are concerned so that these "transgressions" could be prevented. Saffar-Harandi replied: "All foreign news networks operating in Iran are under surveillance and their actions are always under observation and if any of these media outlets commit any violations, they will be immediately informed that they have received a demerit. It is only natural that anyone who makes a mistake is dealt with in the same way and with the same severity as the very offense."

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