Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Dhimmitudinal Idiocy: Fast Food Restaurant Apologizes For Jesus Toy

From this source:
Long John Silver's MOA [Mall of America] restaurant owner apologizes to Muslim family

When a Muslim family paid a visit to Long John Silver's last month and purchased a kid's meal for their toddler, they got a little Jesus love along with their popcorn shrimp. The free toy provided with the meal was a "Build with Jesus" notepad featuring a Bible verse. When the family asked for an alternative, nothing was provided.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) filed a complaint against Long John Silver's parent company, Yum! Brands, asking the company to look into claims that religious literature was distributed with a children's meal.

On Wednesday, CAIR announced an apology from the Long John Silver's restaurant owner....
In the letter, the restaurant's manager stated the following:
Yum! had nothing to do with the free toy promotion, according to Oborn. It was his own initiative at his own store.

"My wife and I both feel that the Bible promotes good, wholesome values," he said. "We just felt this was a wholesome thing to hand out."...
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Islam considers Jesus to be one of the prophets. So why the big deal over a toy depicting a prophet? Because the toy depicts a human form?

No doubt, CAIR wouldn't have objected to a sword toy included with a kids' meal as such a sword toy would be an acceptable Islamic symbol representative of Islamic supremacism.

In any case, this incident with Long John Silvers Restaurant is yet another example, albeit small, of (1) Moslems determined to make over the United States in the image of Arabia and (2)a subservient response on the part of yet another American practicing multiculturalism.

How long before the Christmas lights on my house, lights which can be interpreted as symbolic of the Light of the World, become offensive to Moslems and bring CAIR down on my head?


SamenoKami said...

Why should the stupid-a** muslims care? After all Jesus is one of their recognized prophets. It's not like they were given a 'Mr. Hanky' toy and the words of the Christmas Poo song. What is beginning in the US is what has matured in the UK. The muslims are assaulting our society and bending it to fit their wishes while we refuse to tell them to quit acting like children when they don't get their way.

Always On Watch said...

All these little victories for Moslems add up.

Furthermore, the concessions are appeasement and serve only to embolden them.