Monday, December 19, 2011

Calling all Ron Paul willful isolationist morons

Saudi prince calls for acquisition of nuclear arms, other WMDs

A senior member of the ruling Saudi Royal Family said last week that the kingdom should build nuclear weapons in response to Iran’s nuclear program.
Saudi Prince Bin Turki al Faisal, a former minister of the interior, said during a Dec. 5 speech in the Saudi capital that because both Israel and Iran have nuclear arms, Saudi Arabia should follow suit and acquire weapons of mass destruction.
“Why shouldn’t we commence the building of a unified military force, with a clear chain of command,” he said. “But, if our efforts and the efforts of the world community fail to bring about the dismantling of the Israeli arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and preventing Iran from acquiring the same, then why shouldn’t we at least study seriously all available options, including acquiring WMDs, so that our future generations will not blame us for neglecting any courses of action that will keep looming dangers away from us,” he said.
The prince’s comments echoed earlier calls for Saudi Arabia, whose regime considers itself the protector of Islam’s holy cities, to develop nuclear weapons.
Turki al Faisal is a son of the late King Faisal and grandson of the late King Abdul-Aziz. He is also brother of Foreign Minister Prince Saud and of Prince Khalid, governor of Mecca province, and a nephew of the current King Abdullah.
He headed Saudi Arabia’s main intelligence agency, al Mukhabarat al A amah, from 1979 until 2001 and is known to have met Osama bin Laden.
The report of his speech appeared Dec. 7 in the newsletter
We have nothing at stake here if a nuclear war breaks out around 50% of the world’s reserves, right?
So what if they kill each other and the fields and refineries are contaminated for 50-10,000 years?
So what if Europe dies?
So what if China has no oil to manufacture our cheap Ipods and shoes in Walmart?
So what if Japan cannot get oil?
So what if our gasoline is $30/gallon?
We’ll be fine.

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