Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Depression

For 25 years I have had a credit card with Citibank.

25 years.

And my credit was always good.

At times there were big balances, small balances, no balances.

And they always got their payment every month.

Usually more than but always at least the minimum.

Since the unemployment streak began in 2008 the balance has been run up a good bit. Couldn't be helped.

And still I made the payments.

That ended in October when it became a matter of pay the mortgage (to Citimortgage of course) or pay the credit card.

So I have not been able to make a payment on the card since October.

Two missed payments.

And it's not like they didn't know this was coming. I've made a number of calls over the last 2-1/2 years, explaining the situation.

Nothing they could do unless I was delinquent.

But I kept paying.

Now I have missed two payments in 25 yrs.

2 payments out of 300.

Today I'm ready to walk out the door for my 13 year old daughter's Honor s Orchestra concert at the mall. An event I enjoy very much and look forward to every year.

The phone rings. I make the mistake of answering it.

Citibank. Verifying my situation has not improved since our last conversation 2 weeks ago.

And informing me they plan to begin litigation for the full 45K owed.

Because of 2 payments out of 300.

A half hour before the kid's concert. 5 days before Christmas.

This is fucking ridiculous. I can't even breathe anymore.


Fuck Obama and his Hawaiian vacations. Fuck Congress and their Christmas recess. They can shove their pomegranate trees deep up their ass. And fuck the banks and their bosses who took the bailouts and did nothing NOTHING to pass it on to their customers. I hope they all choke on a turkey bone this Christmas.

And fuck yer hope and change.


Go ahead.

I don't care.


Anonymous said...

Declare bankruptcy, MR.

I am so sorry for all your troubles.

Epaminondas said...

I would DEFINITELY talk to a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy.

You will protect home and vehicles, and freeze that fucking phone from ringing.

So sorry, man.

I wish we hadn't torn down the camp house ( which was 4 season on the land) at least I could offer you something (and a beer and fishing)

When I hear Obama say Americans who are suffering can't wait, does he understand WHAT IT IS WE CAN'T WAIT FOR?

I don't understand how ANYONE except ideological socialists could CONSIDER voting for a guy who is a total failure even by socialist-communist stds.



midnight rider said...

I may take you up on the beer and fishing. I'm an old backpacker. Sleeping in the woods doesn't bother me :)