Friday, December 30, 2011

Epa, take your nitro before reading further. . .

The Blaze:

Megyn Kelly Reveals Past Airplane Breastfeeding Flub On-Air

There’s no doubting that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has endeared herself to her audience. She’s wildly popular with a loyal fan base. And Thursday afternoon she may have showed why: she’s not afraid to go off script and even get personal. Case in point: she revealed she once had a potentially embarrassing breastfeeding incident on a plane.

Fox reporter Trace Gallagher was discussing the recent “nurse-ins,” where mothers — in response to a fellow mother being asked not to breastfeed at a Target store — descended on stores across the country to breastfeed their babies in public. And after he wrapped up his report, Kelly offered a personal anecdote.

“You know, I got a lot of thoughts on this, Trace,” she explained with a smile on her face. “Let me just put it this way: I used to feel a lot differently before I had babies and you’re breastfeeding; they need to be fed and then sometimes they don’t like the cover. And before you know it, you‘re Megyn Kelly and you’re showing your breasts to a whole plane.”

Gallagher responded by laughing and clapping his hands — which is about all he could do at that point.

You can watch her tell the story below:


Epaminondas said...

I have to admit, if she had a martini her arms and not a baby, I'd feel a lot differently about this.

Isn't that dull of me?

Anonymous said...

Why does she dress like that in a public venue? It is wrong. It is unbecoming of her stature and shows poor judgement. Cheap.