Thursday, December 22, 2011

GQ's webcomic about the bin Laden termination

Gentleman's Quarterly published a webcomic about Team 6's justified termination of bin Laden earlier this year. I'll note that the writer, Matt Fraction, is a disturbing leftist himself, but this is one this he might've done right for a change. However, when writing about this, Comics Alliance's moonbat Andy Khouri has done something subtly fishy:
The short piece concludes in a manner that some readers might find objectionable: a closeup of Bin Laden taking a bullet to the head. While that is indeed how the al-Qaeda leader was killed, the U.S. government's refusal to release a photograph of Bin Laden's body was a media controversy for a short time following the operation. Proponents of releasing the photo argued that doing so would squash conspiracy theories that Bin Laden was still alive and provide a kind of catharsis for Americans who'd seen 3,000 people murdered as a consequence of Bin Laden's actions. Opponents of releasing the photo argued that such an image could inflame already bitter sentiment towards the U.S. in some Muslim countries. Others suggested that those who desired to see such a grisly photo were succumbing to ghoulish tendencies, and that a civilization such as ours ought not to take any form of satisfaction in the death of another human being.
I do believe I spot 3 things wrong here: one, just who is it who's supposed to find the slaying of bin Laden "offensive"? Two, just who is it he's talking about who're white flagging to "ghoulishness" over the death of a tyrant who led, plotted and instructed the deaths of many innocents in the name of violent jihad? And three, how dare he imply that bin Laden is "human"? This loser Khouri sure knows how dabble in moral equations and ultimately fails to specify just what kind of people he's talking about.

Another comic book retelling of the Team 6's raid on bin Laden's hideout, if done well, can be something we're all looking forward to. Too bad little Mr. Khouri's got to spoil everything by injecting needless ambiguity into the mix.


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