Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A No Depression Updated Rant On Citidiots

So I called Citibastards today after the post below. My mom, a 73 year old widow, was going to try to hit her home equity line of credit to help hold off the wolves a little longer.

The woman told me that she didn't see anything that would indicate this had gone to litigation.

This after I was initially told they couldn't find an account with my name on it.

No kidding.

This is the same Citidiots where daughter #1 has some small college loands.

And they call her when they are a couple days past due. Never mind that they don't see the payment she made 3 days ago online. "Oh, it may take up to a week to see that" she's told.

And when she is legitimately past due (she, too, is unemployed at the moment) we have both been given up to 4 different amounts to bring the account current.

Now, that's four different amounts within the same phone call. Call back again and those four different amounts change.

These are the same Citidiots that have both my mortgages. Who told me that I didn't qualify for mortgage modification even though I'm unemployed because I make to much money. on unemployment.

Wonder how they feel about that now?

The same Citidiots who asked if I could pay $xxx dollars at zero interest a month. Sure, when I get a job, maybe. Okay, but what about now? Don't you have any other income? Well, how are you paying your bills?

Do you still have your business?

I DON'T HAVE A BUSINESS (for the umpteenth time). When you upgraded this car years ago you made it a Citibusiness card. I called and questioned it and your rep at the time said it was fine I could/should still use it.

Oh, we wuldn't have done that.

Oh but you most certainly did. Just like you told me this was going to litigation and now you're saying you don't see that.

The same Citidiots who told me I either was or wasn't in litigation for my credit card that I received - JUST TODAY -- a nice note from on a Gordon's Jeweler's card I hold with them (no balance) telling how wonderful I am as a customer and that they appreciate my business.

The same has happened with my Sears card through Citidiots (small balance). Appreciate your business etc.

So for now, I am assuming this is still going to litigation. Assume the worst, hope for the best.

You want to know why our economy is in shambles? Why all these banks needed taxpayer bailouts?

Multiply what I just described over and over and over again for so many Citi customers and you'll begin to understand. One hand has no idea what the other is doing and the other has no idea why they are doing it.

This is a bank that should have been, and should be, allowed to fail.

Any private business that ran itself this would would have gone under years ago.


Unknown said...

Citibank could tell you a few stories of my own , like the time when i got a letter at home from citibank telling as a good and faitfull customer i was in title for a higher sealing for my credit card , when going to the bank with the letter in my hand the cashier telling me "you shouldn't have a creditcard", Honest to God makes you wonder.lol

Epaminondas said...

We actually have a good system... BACKWARDS.

Any Bank or Business now on the TBTF list should IMMEDIATELY be broken up as a threat to national security.

If a small part fails, such as Citibank's credit card operations, TOO BAD SO SAD

If BofA fails in its std banking operations because they are STRICTLY FEE DRIVEN for real profits and depositors flee, TOUGH NOOGIES

If GE starts tanking because they have to finance payroll instead of raiding GE Capital several times a month (or vice versa), well then someone else will pickup their product demand

Always On Watch said...

A friend of mine lost her house because of Citibank.

She got partially behind on two mortgage payments, but made up all the difference on the 3rd payment.

Didn't matter.

Citibank took her house. The house was demolished, and a huge mansion went up in its place. Pre-bought, BTW.